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Monster Maker. (Roll the die/dice make a monster)
« on: June 18, 2020, 07:42:16 am »
This game can easily last for a whole 45 minutes. You can easily adapted to middle school or elementary.  For my lower lever students I check to make sure they know the names of various body parts, arms, legs, eyes, etc.  I have done it where I had the students write all of the parts of the monster and then go back and draw the monster.  You can also have the students draw each part together as a class before moving on to the arms, legs etc. I prefer the second way. I even draw a monster with the students on the board.  That way the students can easily see the examples. Finally, I have my students name and show off their monster to the whole class.  For higher lever classes I have the students write a full sentence to describe their monster.

Materials needed: Dice/ paper/ markers, crayons, etc.

Link to an online dice/die.