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Iím currently working in Vietnam however Iíve been offered a new job in Korea at an English village. Iím very interested in coming back to Korea however part of it is circumstantial; Covid has closed off most of the world and going home now is just really difficult ( I also have had a rough time living in Vietnam, some of it related to the job and some of it to me).  From Saigon, it still seems possible to enter Korea which is good. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to use printed copies for apostilles/notarisations of criminal checks or other documents to get an E2 visa? I ordered a new Australian Federal Police check in early May (they confirmed it was issued) however I still havenít received it in Vietnam. Iím guessing that international mail is less reliable than I thought right now :(
Also, has anyone here worked at Badasoop English Village in Sejong (or just in the city or at an English village in general)? Is it okay for an experienced teacher (Iím 43 years old and I have about 9 years of experience teaching)?  Last time I worked in Korea in 2013 it was hard to find on a map (it looks more developed now); is there a major bus station and is Osong the nearest major train station? Also, are non Monday-Friday weeks common at a village (my contract mentions possible weekend days but with 2 consecutive days off)?