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Bad time to come back?
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:38:55 pm »
In April, I finished an 18 month stint of teaching in Korea and whilst my plan was to stay the extra few weeks/month or so until my visa ran out (family were going to come visit for the first time, maybe do some travelling around Asia) covid obviously put a stop to all that and I ended up just flying straight home.

Iíve been back for 2 months now and itís well documented what kind of state the U.K. is in at the moment. So itís been 2 months of lockdown.

Iím now having real difficulty deciding whether or not to come back and do another teaching contract, or to stay here in the U.K. Iím 25 and whilst initially the plan was always to only do 1 year (the usual story) there are lots of things I do miss about Korea. I have that worry in the back of my head ďoh youíre getting older, you need to get started on your career.Ē and itís easy to fall into the trap of looking at mates from home who now have jobs theyíve been at for the past year or two and think you need to catch up. I say that because teaching isnít something I see a career in and is one of the things holding me back from taking another job in Korea, I donít love teaching but I donít hate it...itís just kind of...there. If I was to come back, Iím interested in working in the realm of video and digital media editing/production so Iíd be looking to work on that and build a portfolio (which I currently donít have) on the side, to help me when it comes to looking for jobs in that field in the future.

Iím wondering what the situation is like over there in terms of jobs? Has covid made more/less of a demand for teachers? Are a lot of Hagwons in trouble?

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Re: Bad time to come back?
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2020, 08:17:35 am »
Honestly, it'll be hard to come back for awhile.
Public schools aren't hiring atm because of the corona virus - some areas are even having big job cuts.
And Hagwons are really lowballing on their offers, while trying to get more out of you; 1.8m KRW seems to be what is most common cause of the corona virus. You'd probably earn better working at McDonald's or something back home.
Parents are freaking out about foreigners spreading corona, so atm, I'd argue that covid has made less demand for teachers atm; however, once the corona dies down and stuff, the demand will probably come back a bit. but, 2021 August / 2022 start of year is when rehiring is expected to begin <- at least in the region I'm in, they told us with our job cuts that no one will be replaced, and more cuts might happen at the start of 2021, so it'll likely be awhile before rehiring for public schools happen.

Re: Bad time to come back?
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2020, 12:14:34 pm »
I agree, now is not the best time. The foreigners will spread corona feeling is big right now. It got worse after the infection in the Itaewon club recently. Immigration is placing restrictions on entering and exiting for those here on long-term visas....all visas but government officials/ambassadors and Korean F4 visas.......