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English Speaking Language Institute, Ilsan
« on: June 11, 2020, 03:23:48 pm »
I am blacklisting the English Speaking Language Institute of Ilsan.

Let me be frank, this school's director, Han YunSeob, is incapable of harboring any emotion that does not benefit his desire for wealth, and had repeatedly shown no concern for the welfare of his teachers through degrading comments and thoughtful manipulation. He is comfortable belittling and blackmailing those that he does not like, and used the head teacher to do his dirty work for him.

The employees he knows he’s going to illegally fire take on inhuman and unethical amounts of work not listed in the contract until his desired firing date, where he then dangles your E2 visa like a carrot until you're coerced into signing away everything you earned.

Other issues:

The contract is outdated and the stipulations are vague.

The director wants young people with no experience to excuse underpaying them, but then gets UPSET that they are not experienced.

Example: I flew in. They wanted me to teach immediately. After a mere two days, I was circumspect. They were fully aware I had no teaching experience… so I wondered, “how will I be trained so quickly?”

As it turned out, I wasn’t trained. Not really. Not in the conventional sense. They don’t really explain anything. That’s the thing with Hagwons, you’re supposed to just get it. And that was made glaringly clear as the only foreign teacher in the school tried to make me understand the ins and outs of teaching within 48 hours before going on a trip for a month. Hastily I was given books. Hastily I was told my classes. Hastily, hastily, hastilyㅡyou are NOT trained.

He does NOT help you.

Furthermore, the director enjoys making teachers cry after unprofessionally screaming at them, in broad daylight, with students directly outside. He insults and PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY harasses new teachers and blames them for the lack of training that he didn’t provide, knowing very well he is trying to force experienced work and attitudes from brand new teachers.

There is a startling lack of support from both foreign and native coworkers when the director targeted onto teachers to torment. Korean teachers are not held to the same horrific standard. IE: Was told by a coworker XXXXXXXX to just "give up" on a problematic student. This passionless korean teacher no longer cared to teach. Did not finish his lessons which were joint with mine. Let the students behave poorly. But he was never reprimanded

Director doesn’t follow labor laws around firing whatsoever. Does not issue the standard three warnings. Does not work with you and determines your worth without question. He WILL trick you into "quitting", knowing he has no legal way to get rid of you otherwise. He tries to leave teachers penniless out on the streets in a foreign country. Anticipates for new teachers not to know the law so he can disadvantage them. He’s a thief, stealing flight money, salary, and extorting for more money under false claims despite contractual obligations and no proof of misdeeds. Legality means nothing to him.

The behavior of the children, whether they are rude and hostile or not, falls squarely on the teacher, and there is no punishment whatsoever or support. The TEACHER gets punished and undermined if the children are unruly. A noteworthy occurrence is when a hostile class was blamed, squarely because the desks weren't a certain shape. The teacher should have put the desks in a T-Shape to correct their behavior. Such idiotic reasonings were often used due to the director's inability to rationalize.

If a student drops out, it's the teachers fault. If the student doesn't do their homework,  it's the teachers fault. If the student curses or screams, it's the teachers fault. The teacher is the lamb to slaughter. The teacher is chastised for trivial, mundane things. You WILL be micromanaged.

You WILL be watched, constantly, on CCTV.

Classes are 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes you're expected to cover everything, care for each student individually, and correct workbooks for 6-10 students or else it's your head on a platter. Director expects you to create copyrighted workbooks for him in your spare time, record audio of yourself reading, then complain it's unusable because a paper crinkled in the background.

The director had convinced the head teacher the slave labor they put them though is worth the salary they give them, so the head teacher will not be of much help. The director worshipped the head teacher. Everyone else is a peon, ready for the guillotine.

Housing is awful. Full of cockroaches. Exploding light fixtures, awful smells, and peeling wallpaper will greet you, coupled with mold and critters dancing across the floor in the night. The director will not care.

There are plenty of more things, but why give myself a headache. If you'd like to save yourself the anger, the distress, and the absolute disbelief, pick a different school. Because after you leave, after you manage to get away once he's wrung you dry, your name will be tarnished. He'll defame you to anyone who will listen, even after you've escaped his clutches.

Do NOT work for this school.
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Re: English Speaking Language Institute, Ilsan
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2020, 03:09:07 am »
I"m sorry you went though this OP.

Unfortunately, this is generally the norm in Korea...(no matter what the apologists say).