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Paper mache mask to make with children
« on: May 20, 2020, 09:32:25 pm »
How to make a mask (whether it is a princess, a monster or a witch!) and then use it in a home play.


- adhesive for mâché paper - it is worth preparing it earlier and better to have less than more
- paper for waste, old newspapers torn into strips, tubes e.g. from toilet paper
- paper towels
- boxes (cardboard cut into strips 5 cm wide and 30-35 cm long)
- paper masking tape to keep the shape created; it also makes it easier to combine different elements
- sanding paper for smoothing the surface
- wire
- balloons, buckets and more newspapers to use as molds
- acrylic paints, tempers or posters
- fine brushes
- pieces of fabrics, strings and anything else you can imagine
- painting film to secure the workplace.

How to make an adhesive.
The most simple glue: mix 1 part of flour with 2 parts of water and stir until the glue becomes creamy. It is worth adding a few spoons of salt - it prevents molding.

The cooked glue is smoother. Mix a glass of water with a glass of flour. In a separate pot boil 3 glasses of water and add the prepared mixture to them. Cook for a few minutes, stirring all the time, preferably with a whisk. Finally, add a few tablespoons of salt. If the glue gets too thick, you can dilute it with water during cooking, and if too thin, add a little flour. It is ready when it cools down, then it thickens a little more.


1. Shape
At the beginning you have to prepare a form: you have to crush the newspapers and make them into a head shape; it can be with your nose. If you want, you can put tubes of paper inside - they will be eyes or lips. It's worth tying the whole thing up with string or wrapping it with paper tape so that it doesn't fall apart. Then wrap it in foil and fix at the back.

If the mask is to fit our face, when making forms of family members' heads, you should keep an eye on the size, and after sticking the foil, you should mark holes for eyes, mouth and nose. If you want, make horns out of wire. Stick the horns into the mask and cover them with pieces of newspaper.

Before you start sticking the newspapers on the mold, you can apply a lubricant, e.g. Vaseline or olive oil, which makes it easier to remove the dried mask from the mold without damage.

The mask can also be formed on a balloon inflated to the desired size. The balloon is also lubricated with something slippery before starting work.

2 Creating the mask
The mask is made of newspaper strips - it is soaked in glue and glued in layers on the mold. If we want the mask to last, there must be many layers, it is also worthwhile to let the mask dry from time to time before applying another piece of paper. Then it hardens slowly.
When done with sticking, leave the mask to dry in a warm place. Then take it off the mold and proceed with small cosmetic works: cut the edges, level the oval of the face, smooth it with fine sandpaper.

3 Decorating the mask
We attach a strong rubber band to the mask, paint, decorate, varnish - we can do anything on it that our imagination tells us.
If it is to decorate the room, not to serve the Monster or Princess, attach an eraser or a hanger to hang on the wall and hang.

Now you and your children can turn into Uncommon Beings and create extraordinary stories with yourself in the main roles!