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    • March 22, 2013, 11:53:06 am
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High Schools in Incheon Send Students Back Home over COVID-19 Concerns
Write: 2020-05-20 11:32:23/Update: 2020-05-20 11:35:02

South Korea finally reopened schools after a monthslong closure on Wednesday, but high schools in five districts in Incheon City sent students back home after coronavirus cases were confirmed among the students.

The Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education said that senior students at 66 high schools in five of ten districts in the city were sent back home on Wednesday due to concerns about the COVID-19 infections.

High schools in the other five districts will stick to the reopening plan, but the city education office plans to decide on whether to keep the reopening after consultation with quarantine authorities.

A spokesperson for the education office said that they decided to send the students back home as the students who tested positive in the city are likely to have visited facilities that other confirmed patients may have used.   

At my high school today, 2 students got sent home today. One with diarrhoea and another with a cough. 

All of the students were checked with the thermal imaging coming into school.  There have been a number of cool messengers today about protocol and looking for symptoms.  And they get their temperature checked going to lunch, where they've separated the seating with cardboard sections. 

I'm in a separate building from the 3rd graders, so I'm trying to keep separate from them, even though I want to see them. 

Actually, I went to the main teachers room now and there are about 5 people who I've never seen before hanging around the entrance with clipboards.  And there was a camera crew filming my principal and some teachers walking down the third graders corridor.  There is also green-tape arrows on the floor telling everyone keep right.

All of this is kind of ruined with only half of the teachers wearing masks.  Typically, it's the 50+ male teachers who aren't wearing them.

Another thing is, or it is for my city, is that Wednesday afternoon is activity club day.  So there are no actual classes in the afternoon.  So maybe it was on purpose, that they opened today, so they try just half a day, but then why would the students have lunch?

With the big cities, like Incheon, it's going to be a nightmare to police and do this slow opening.  And it shows from your article, it's on a knife edge.   

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    • March 31, 2016, 07:13:57 pm
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At my middle school, we opened today too.
We had a big meeting about what we have to do to stay safe from covid-19. Within 60 seconds of the talk, teachers broke the social distancing stuff and got students to group up real close for something, before returning them to their seats which were spaced apart the right amount haha.

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    • August 10, 2015, 05:52:37 pm
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Typically, it's the 50+ male teachers who aren't wearing them.

What is that supposed to mean? ' Typically'. At mine, it's the female teachers who seem to not value masks.
Haven't you got some pictures of birds to be jacking off to, son?

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If you're sending people home, hadn't they already infected the entire group they came with and should your school not quarantine themselves?
incumbo studiis

I hate to say it but I told you so.

(not to anyone in particular... i just mean what I've been saying this entire time).