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Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« on: May 18, 2020, 10:53:38 am »
When we return to school, it's very likely that the way we teach will have to change. After speaking to my coteacher, we won't be allowed to do any group activities / mingling activities. As I teach in elementary school, I almost exclusively use group activities to get the students talking. I thought we could start this thread to think of activities/teaching methods that are more individual-based and are still effective.
We could use worksheets, but that gets old and boring pretty fast. I think this will be especially challenging for elementary school, but feel free to comment for all grades!

Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2020, 11:11:00 am »
This is the list I made for myself. After a couple of weeks back in class, I may try to modify some group games so that they don't get close to each other or touch the same objects. A lot of these are games I found on waygook.

No contact Activities/Games

-   Bomb Games (play as individuals) Pick a number to decide which student gets to pick the question. Everyone writes the answers in their own notebooks. Roll a dice to see which team gets to share the the prize with the person whose number was picked.
-   Pirates of the classroom - choose an order for who gets to pick the dialogue 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in each group. Every team will listen and repeat for 1 point. The team whose turn it is gets the prize.
-   Kakao Talk Speaking Game (5.9 Kakao Speaking Game)
-   Line bingo (but it would be annoying to print and cut cards for 100+ students since they should be trashed after every class)
-   Regular bingo and clean the plastic sleeves and markers after every class?
-   Battleship and clean the plastic sleeves and markers after every class?
-   Sleeping elephants if they just give each other the word, but have to write the answers in their own notebooks?? They can show the word they wrote to their teammates.
-   Telepathy
-   Blazing pens/speed-writer
-   Spin the Wheel speaking game
-   The Zoom Game
-   Pictionary remix if they draw in their own notebooks and we don’t give them cards?? They can choose words from the board instead. They can also act out different words while keeping a distance from their teammates.
-   Make Cartoons
-   Listen to stories
-   Crossword puzzles
-   Word Searches
-   Suduku with words
-   Gap-fill for listening to songs/videos
-   Youtube Videos
-   Connect 4 ppt speaking game...Divide the class in two. Put number sticks in two cups. Alternate pulling numbers from each cup to see which student will pick a spot.

Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2020, 12:18:07 pm »
I started making a list myself last week and keep adding to it.
Regarding 'Line bingo and other bingo games' - if students have flashcards at the back of their books they could use those and turn them over.  Then keep their cards in a plastic bag/envelope taped into the back of their textbook - for use next time!

1)   Bingo
2)   Guessing games (teacher chooses a card and students take turns to guess what it is.  Winner can choose the next card. 
3)   Variation - Three chances guessing game – for video.  Students can write down one object.  If teacher pulls out that card they get 3 points, teacher pulls out a second card – they get 2 points if that was what they wrote, get 1 point if it is the 3rd card the teacher pulls out.  Then repeat with a new word written down for ‘round two’.
4)   Popcorn reading/speaking (say the sentence then ask another student to answer/say the next sentence.  Stand up when speaking and stay standing.  Time how long it takes to do the whole class.  Write down the time.  Repeat the activity.  Can you get a faster time?
5)   Popcorn reading – around the group./class.  Students know who the next student is – go around the group/class (maybe twice)
6)   Stand up and speak.  Go group by group. (or whole class).  All students are sitting.  Stand up and say a sentence/answer the question.  If two (or more) stand at the same time it is the next groups turn.  How many sentences can your group say in 1 minute (or 30 seconds) before being out?
7)   Rock Scissors Paper vocabulary game  (against the teacher)
8)   Board game with your puppet.  Take turns.  Who is the winner?
9)   G5 and 6 – give a mix of letters from the ‘story’ and students to make as many words using those letters as possible.  Bonus point for guessing the original word.
10)   What’s your telephone number? Game.  Write ten words on the board.  Say the words for ‘your’ telephone number.  Students write down the number on their paper.  Ask them what the number is (check it).  Choose a student to read the words for ‘their’ (made-up) telephone number.  We are planning on doing this for Grade 4 class next week (online).  We will try to use real phone numbers - schools, pizza delivery, chicken delivery etc to get them interested.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Vocabulary Ladders - Due to the 'non-partner work' I can see a way to adapt this game to have the students playing against the teacher.  I hope to be able to do this with other games where possible.

This is a great activity for students to practice vocabulary. It can be played by the youngest of learners, having them speak only single words, or by older students, having them make complete sentences about the pictures.

Make two “ladders” of images of vocabulary. In pairs, students do a rock, paper, scissors contest to see who plays each turn. The student who wins must say the word represented by the picture at the bottom of the ladder. He/she can then check off that picture, or place a marker on it. Students again do a rock, paper, scissors contest to see who gets the turn to speak. The first student to climb his or her ladder and o have said all the words, is the winner.

This game can be generated online, you can make your own using clip art, or photocopy the cards from the textbook to create your ladders. An even easier alternative is to have your students simply place their cards from the textbook on the desk in a line to create his or her ladder.

This game can be played in pairs as described above, or used as a whole class activity by having students stand in two lines facing each other, and moving to the back of the line after each pair has played.

Mark off the picture in your book as you go along the ladder.
After 12 RPS play again – starting at the other end?
Did you win?  How many games?

Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2020, 10:17:59 am »
Here are a couple of activities that I have been making - for remote learning, but also could be used when students are back at school.  I am not posting them in the related sections as they are ideas that are very adaptable to different levels and topics.

'How many sentences can you make?' was based on something from waygook that I found in 2015.  Sorry don't know the name of the person.  Basically, give the students a list of words and ask them to make as many sentences as they can in a set time.  Then they can count them according to how many words in each sentence and award points to themselves.  (eg 1 point for 1 and 2 word sentences; 2 points for 3 and 4 word sentences; 3 points for 5 or more word sentences).  This activity can be repeated with different units and maybe students will see themselves getting more points.

"Three chances guessing game' - is just a guessing game but to give students more chances of getting points (and so keep them happy!).  Showing them 4 objects to choose from.  They select 1 (and write down the number).  Teacher chooses 3 of the objects and if they chose the first object they get 3 points, if they chose the 2nd object they get 2 points, if they chose the third object they get 1 point.  If they chose the object the teacher didn't choose they get zero points.   In class I will probably just pull objects out of a bag, but this is for the distance learning class.

Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2020, 01:19:08 pm »
Here are some more games I have found (and modified)  from the book written by David Paul -  ‘Teaching English to Children in Asia’

Page 183 – G4 – emotions dice.  Throw a dice for A to speak in a certain way.  Throw the dice again for B to speak in a certain way.  (Or put different emotions for the different characters if you want to use for the listen and speak dialogs etc)

Page 185 – Originally using cards.  Change to spinner.  Each student to have their own spinner with numbers 1-10 (and a clip).  On the board (or ppt) the teacher writes numbers 1-10 and a word (or sentence) for each number.  Each students spins their spinner and says the sentence (or uses the word in a sentence – or just reads the word).  The teacher then spins and all students with the same number stand up and say their sentence.  Maybe one by one.  You may want to add the rule that students may not be the same sentence as other students.  Get group points for the number of students standing.

Page 186 – Cassette Player reading/speaking – Originally students have piles of flashcards or words on their desk in front of them and do in pairs.  We can have the words in a powerpoint or as flashcards on the board and do as a whole class activity.
Draw the symbols on the board (square for 'stop', forward triangle for 'play', double forward triangle for 'fast forward', backward facing triangle for 'rewind'.  You could also add ‘Volume up’ and ‘volume down’ later if you wish.  Write the words for them underneath after students decode the symbols (they may say it in Korean but you can write the words in English) them.
Different students can call out the commands (every 5 seconds??) and the class can say the words together or in groups this way. 

Page 185 – Car race.  Each student uses their cards to make a ‘race track’.  Decide how many ‘laps’ we will do.  Students spin their spinner and move that number of spaces and say the words (sentence etc). Play against your ruler/gluestick/pencil/….  Who is the winner – you or your pencil!

Page 194 – Memory – Touch memory – using the flashcards students have with their books - lay them out on their desk (either their own order or the same as the teacher's (or write in their notebook – or give a worksheet, ….. 
Student 1 says one word (eg happy) (then ‘go) and all other students touch that card. 
Student 2 says the first word and then a second word (eg happy, angry) then ‘go’.  Class students touch the first card, then the second card. 
Third student says the first, second and then a third word (eg happy, angry, hungry) then ‘go’ and students touch their cards in order. 
Keep going until the student saying the cards cannot remember the order.  Count how many words that have been said in the correct order (write it down) and start again with the next student in the class.
Students use their own flashcards laid out on their desk – but cannot move them – just touch. 
Students can be saying just the word or using the word in a sentence (eg I am happy.  I am angry.  I am hungry … OR Are you happy?  Are you angry? Are you hungry?).

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Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2020, 04:17:42 pm »
Thx ! I like the emotional dice game, could work great in drama and roleplay.
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Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2020, 03:12:34 pm »
Hello again
I am still thinking of different ideas

Spinner activity
(each student to be given a paper spinner to keep and to use again in different lessons)
Teacher to give a word/prhase/show a picture  and students to spin a spinner.  Students say the word (in a sentence etc) and do the action for the word the number of times their spinner says. 
If used as a distance learning activity the students could draw a circle and divide it into 4 or 8 sections and write the numbers 1-4/1-8.  [or 5-10 or 3,3, 4,4,5,5, etc]
Teachers could demonstrate it in the classroom and video it (KT can give the commands/say the words  and NT to spin the spinner and do the activity that number of times.  (students could write the number in their notebooks.  If you want to make it a writing activity they could write it that number of times.  You might want to change the spinner numbers to numbers 2, 3, 4 etc

Flashcard boardgame - Play with a toy as your partner (soft toy, car, dinosaur, pencil case, etc.)  Who is the winner?
Play using your 6 flashcards in a line on your desk as a board.  Your 'toy partner' and you start at opposite ends of the board.  Say the sentences for the picture/word.  When you meet toss a coin.  If it is heads you can move forward and your ‘toy partner’ starts again.  If it is ‘tails’ your partner moves forward and you start again. 
[Can do a video of NET and/or KT playing to demonstrate]

These games can also be played in the classroom as well.

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Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2020, 07:24:31 pm »
Take your ppt games and have kids write down answers in their own separate notebook and track their own points rather than use whiteboards in groups.  Pass the ball use music and then click on student number and they stand up and read the slide.  No ball no touching.  Telepathy and Lotto give kids sheets to write down answers and track their own points.  Jeopardy's let kids write down answer in their own notebooks and get points if they were correct.  Most points is the winner.

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Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2020, 02:03:38 pm »
Here are some suggestions and links to free resources for games that are social distancing friendly. I hope it helps. Thanks

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Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #9 on: July 03, 2020, 02:38:53 pm »
Thanks everyone for their ideas! I thought I'd share an activity that went fairly well today. I played 2 truths and a lie but instead of having students work in teams, they each wrote their sentences individually (first in Korean and then in English). I have a lot of low level students so I allow them to participate in Korean if they can't keep up in English. Of course that's up to your discretion as a teacher.
I had 1 student stand up and read his/her sentences (in English and Korean). All the students wrote the answer they thought was the lie in their notebooks (again, up to your discretion as to whether they just write the number or the actual sentence). Then the standing student got to pick 1 'opponent'. This student chose what he/she thought the lie was. If correct, he/she got 2 points (or stamps or whatever reward system you use). If wrong, the original student got 2 points. Finally, any student who wrote down the correct answer in their notebooks got 1 point.
I'm sure there are similar and better ways to play this floating around, but this worked very well as a review class for my kids and got all the students participating while practicing social distancing.
Happy teaching!

Re: Teaching with social distancing-ideas
« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2020, 03:18:36 pm »
Bookmarking this thread!! So many good ones - I do enjoy two truths and 1 lie but have found a lot of the students can be very shy when it comes to playing this game.