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NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« on: August 11, 2019, 01:15:25 pm »
Hello, does anyone have experience with NGLOW Kids in Gwangmeyong? Looking at signing a contract and would like to hear from people here.

In particular, I have some questions: I'm working from 9:20-620 and teach 25 hours.  I have no prior experience teaching in South Korea. I do have a bachelor's and TEFL. They're paying me 2.2 million won.  How is that setup?

There's a clause about substitute teaching not counting as overtime. Is this legal?

It says if I'm 10 minutes late without notification, I miss an hour of pay, and if an hour late, I miss a full day's worth of pay. Is this legal?

Also, the hagwon won't pay round trip airfare, but only airfare to Korea. My recruiter told me that none of the hagwons they work with will pay roundtrip, and that this is becoming more common. Is this true?

EDIT: Here's the contract in its entirety. I've also noticed my tax rate is 3.3%, and my recruiter insists that that is correct. She also insists that the tardiness clause is nonnegotiable.  This is not the final contract, but they're not bending on those things.


Party A will pay a monthly salary of __2.2 million won (Korean currency) to Party B on the 10th day of each calendar month. In case 10th day is in the middle of weekends, party B will pay the following Monday.

Following Korean law, a tax of about 3.3% will be deducted from pay, and paid to the Korean Government.

On completion of the 12 month contract, Party B will receive a prorated monthly percentage out of the amount of one month salary as severance pay. This is commensurate with the 9 months of completed work.

Sick days (2 days /year) will be paid at full rate only if Party B is able to provide written evidence from a medical professional for each day taken. Party A reserves the right to refuse any payment for sick days at all if absences become excessive or too frequent. Sick days should only be taken in extreme cases or where the health of the students and other members of staff might be affected.

Working Hours

Party B will teach a maximum of 25 hours (60min) from Monday to Friday and normal working days are approximately 22-23 days per month.

Classes and teaching will be scheduled in accordance with the needs of Party A.

The Employee will be asked to stay at school from 9:20 a.m. to 6:20 p.m (Monday - Friday).

Overtime pay will be discussed on an individual basis should the need arise.

Covering classes for absent teachers will not count as overtime.

Party B agrees to work for 2 events (performance, parents meeting) and a maximum of 2 Saturdays throughout the contract year to assist with school events.


1*.* Party A will provide a private, single housing in a studio apartment and will take responsibility for normal maintenance (property tax, repairs, etc.). Party A will provide a bed, gas stove, refrigerator, and washing machine.

2. Upon first arrival in Korea, it may be necessary for the teacher to stay in a motel temporarily before his/her permanent apartment is available


Party B will not be required to work on Saturdays (except for the two Saturdays listed below), Sundays, Labor Day (May 1st) and any national holidays of the Republic of Korea.

Party B will receive all Korean National holidays as days off with no deduction from salary.

Party B will receive 2 calendar weeks paid vacation during the contract year. (5 days in summer, 5 in winter)

If there is a national holiday in a vacation week, the school will not give additional paid holiday. Vacations will be scheduled by the school in accordance with the schools teaching schedule.

Medical Insurance & Pension

In accordance with Korean law, Party A agrees to pay 50% of the medical insurance. Party Bs insurance and pension premium of 50% will be deducted from his/her monthly salary. Party A agrees to pay 50% of the medical insurance premium. Party A shall provide half of the national pension plan deduction pursuant to the National Pension Corporation Act of Korea. The remaining insurance and pension premium of 50% will be deducted from Party Bs monthly salary.

Dental and pre-existing conditions (diseases) are not covered in this insurance.

Party As Obligations

Party A will introduce to Party B, the Party As school policies and regulations concerning work conditions.

Party A will provide all curricula, textbooks and other teaching materials.

Party A will help Party B as best as possible with any problems, including personal difficulties in living in Korea.

Party Bs Obligations

Party B shall observe Party As school policies and regulations concerning teachers and shall accept Party As arrangement, direction, supervision and evaluation in regard to his/her work.

Party B is not allowed to work for any other organization including private tutoring without party As prior consent.

Korean law stipulates that no full-time instructor may work at two or more institutions at the same time. Failure to observe this regulation will result in immediate dismissal.

Without Party As consent, Party B shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work agreed on with Party A.

Party B is responsible for the implementation of the schools curriculum, grading and evaluation, and attending occasional teachers meetings.

Party B must behave in a professional manner during class or when socializing with students after class.

Party B can be required to interview new students and evaluate their placement level.

Party B shall not be absent without Party As permission, and without a minimum of 2 days advance notice.

9. If Party B is more than 10 minutes late without notification, one hour rate of payment may be deducted and if one hour missed, one day deducted.

10. Party B shall respect the Korean peoples moral standards and customs.

11. Party B must not take, handle and carry drugs in any case. Failure to observe this regulation will result in immediate dismissal.

12. Party B must not sexually harass the students in his/her care. Failure to observe this regulation will result in immediate dismissal.

13. No form of physical punishment must be used by Party B.

14. Party B must follow Party As teaching methodology, especially concerning the immersive English focus of the school.

15. Party B agrees to abide by a dress code policy. Men must not wear shorts, and for women clothing of a reasonably conservative nature that does not reveal abdominal or cleavage areas is required. No excessively short skirts or shorts.

16. Party B shall not partake in any activities that may damage the reputation of the school.


If Party B wishes to resign, he/she must inform Party A with 2 months written notice (60 days).

Party A agrees to provide Party B with a letter of release once the resignation period has been completed in full.

This contract will become null and void once the resignation period has been completed, and Party B will be paid up to the final day of work.

In case of party Bs resignation without 2 months prior notice, Party A is not obligated to pay the salary for the month. And Party B will pay utilities and rent fee for two months.

Revision, Cancellation and Termination of the Contract

Both parties should abide by the contract and must refrain from revising, canceling, or terminating the contract without mutual consent.

This contract may be renewed upon agreement between Party A and Party B two months prior to its expiration; otherwise, Party B will just finish out the completion of the original contract. The undersigned agrees to the terms stated above in this contract and for future reference, each party is to keep a copy of this contract.

Party A maintains the right to dismiss Party B for clear and frequent neglect of duties under this agreement.

Criminal or other conduct that could seriously endanger any student, member of staff, or reputation of the school, will be cause for immediate dismissal and no time for remedy will be allotted.
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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 06:55:44 am »
Post the contract and we will judge it for what its worth. 25 hours is ok but 9-6 is a bit on the longish side for 2.2.

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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2019, 07:52:52 am »
This sounds like another bad contract we have seen passing by before. Especially the 10 min. late stipulation which is so weird has got me thinking that it must be that same school/contract which our inhouse legal expert Northface had swiftly condemned as 'trash'.
But if you are never late then this shouldnt bar you from taking up this offer.

What I can tell from the website is that it is kindergarten and they follow the Koryo university programme. There is a cafe, gym and small library of some sorts and they also offer elementary classes but all the pictures were of toddlers so I'm not sure about that. They will learn ABCs and 500 words each semester, do a musical  :rolleyes:, have math/science and arts and PE. They claim a number of lofty educational methodologies but I would be hard pressed to recognise anything Montessori about their classes because no matter the scientific research and new insights they claim to use, in the end this is a Korean school with Korean students taught and everything will simply just go as it has always been done. Words, songs, reading and highly ineffective 1 person-at-a-time teaching as in this video
(I've just rewatched it and it's a recipe for disaster if you teach conversational English this way to students, gosh, I feel for her because she comes across as a good teacher, voice/eye contact/composure but noone has ever told her how she should teach. )

But being a new teacher I would like to ask you to watch a few Youtube videos first, so that you at least have an idea of how 'great' kindergarten teachers run a class with young kids. Once you know what a great class looks like, you will be much better able to discern the good cram schools from the 'only in it for the money' crowd with 0 educational acumen.

Now watch this British ESL teacher in Hungary I think.

I don't think you should teach kindergarten seated like in the first vid (China), so moving around like he does is fantastic, because it's still meaningful communication and he uses this connection with the students to make learning exciting and implicit and therefore twice as effective .

Your school:
Google came up with this: I didnt check it so perhaps it is a very old review:
Korean Black List
Kids (and the parents) having power over teachers deciding who gets punished/fired, ...... Gwangmyeong is not a great place for new teachers to Korea. ...... I STRONGLY discourage anyone from working at the NGLOW Kids chain.

If you'd ask me, I would keep this on the backburner and try to look for other options, and if you can't wait any longer then take up this job but having a nasty principal who squeezes you for every penny and flying home with your self-financed ticket, without your promised severance pay would just leave a bad taste in your mouth altogether. There are great schools out there, so look around and come back and ask us for advice.
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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2019, 11:59:06 am »
Hi~  I can answer a few of those questions.  2.2 mil is pretty basic starting salary for someone with no experience, so that's good.. and teaching 25 hours a week sounds like a good deal... just make sure there is no type of mandatory overtime, and that there are really only 25 total teaching hours and the other hours will be used to lesson plan, etc.  (If you don't know what those other hours will be used for, definitely ask what is expected of you!)

No clue about the legality of the substitute teaching or the tardiness clauses, sorry.  They sound rough though.. make sure you're on time!  But a question I would ask (since it says "without notification") is: what if I DO give notification? Does my pay depend on what type of excuse I have (i.e. emergency vs. whoops I woke up late)?

As for the one-way airfare: sadly, yes... more and more schools are doing this.  It's like they all agreed to it together so any one school doesn't seem like more of a deal than the other.. ugh.. :rolleyes:

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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2019, 03:43:23 pm »
Hey all, thanks for your input so far. I've added the whole contract in the post.

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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #5 on: August 12, 2019, 06:55:29 pm »
You could approach this teacher, she briefly worked there but left after a few months:

English Instructor

Company Name

Dates Employed Feb 2013 Jun 2013
Employment Duration 5 mos
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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #6 on: August 13, 2019, 04:08:16 am »

That's LOW pay for LONG days; a lot of schools will say it's "only" 25 teaching hours, but then they fill up the rest of your day with mindless tasks or make you sit in an empty classroom while you wait for your next class. And that's not even counting the TWO unpaid Saturdays.

The contract is full of red flags that say: "Working here is so ___________, many teachers have quit on us. Rather than be better to our teachers, we're gonna threaten/punish the current and future teachers".

I doubt the less-than-two-months-notice penalties are enforceable, but are you ready to go through the Korean Labor Department bureacracy of fighting for your final paycheck?

My first school in Korea paid for my round-trip. Maybe those days are over. But which ticket is better? The ticket to Korea? Or the ticket back home? Getting the ticket to Korea is nice, because it's one less transition expense to worry about. But then you have to read the contract carefully. At what point does the ticket vest? Meaning, at what point is the ticket 100% yours? A fair clause would say that once you've completed 6 months of the contract, you don't have to return any of the airfare. This is important because a disreputable school will fire you before the vesting date and then subtract the entire airfare from your final paycheck.

I would wait for a better school to come along. But it all depends. How eager/desperate/optimistic are you? Either way, best of luck to you.

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Re: NGLOW Kids, Gwangmeyong
« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2020, 03:55:12 pm »
Too bad the school's name wasn't SOULGLOW Kids!  :P