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Here are the links to the lessons for 2nd, and 3rd grades in the 동아출판 Middle School English book (2018 Edition).
The links to the 1st grade book (2017 Edition, Pink whale cover) can be found here:

Look below to see a picture of the cover of the books.
To access each lesson, click on the lesson name (in blue) and it will direct you to the link. 
Please do not post lesson plans on the bottom of this thread, it makes it harder to find them in the future.
Please remember to check all materials posted for punctuation and spelling errors before posting.

Middle School English 2

[Cover Picture: Blue Giraffe]
1st Author: 이병민
Year/edition: 2018.09.14

Lesson 1: Can We Talk?
Lesson 2: Close to You
Lesson 3: The Music Goes On
Lesson 4: Go for It!
Special Lesson 1: Summer on a Stick

Lesson 5: Come One, Come All
Lesson 6: Into Outer Space
Lesson 7: Can I Trust It?
Lesson 8: Be Like Sherlock!
Special Lesson 2: Frindle

Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews

Middle School English 3

[Cover Picture: Purple Owl]
1st Author: 이병민
Year/edition: 2018.09.14

Lesson 1: I Can't, But We Can
Lesson 2: Go Green!
Lesson 3: Heal the World
Lesson 4: Open a Book, Open Your Mind

Lesson 5: Believe in Yourself
Lesson 6: Make the World Beautiful
Lesson 7: Feel the Wonder
Lesson 8: Up to You
Special Lesson: Picture the Future

Review: Combined Lessons / Reviews
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