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Finding New Teaching Positions
« on: April 09, 2020, 12:06:03 pm »
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of schools being shut down for weeks, perhaps even months until
June depending on where you are. In Ontario, Canada where I come from, public schools are shut down for the
rest of the academic year. Are schools currently re-opened in South Korea?

I am currently in Taiwan where they started the public school semester 2 weeks later than scheduled. Because of
that, the school year in Taiwan will end on July 14th rather than the last day of June. That is because Taiwan was way
ahead with tackling the COVID-19 pandemic which is no wonder why the total number of cases in Taiwan so far is at 379.

Are there any licensed teachers here who are looking forward to going back to your respective countries to teach
starting this September? If you are willing to stay in Korea or wherever you are in Asia, you are better off because the
economic situation in North America is not too good. However in my situation, if I get my contract renewed to work in
Taiwan for this August, I will be better off. I don't know if the school boards are hiring new teachers for this school year
in Canada, or perhaps not. I say this because of cutbacks on teaching positions in Ontario, and the unemployment rate
in Alberta is projected to reach 25%.

How about Korea? Are they looking to hire NET's for the public schools for the August intake? If the border for South
Korea is closed then I would doubt that. I am an NET in Taiwan and I don't believe that they would be looking for teachers
from outside of Taiwan to hire. So if they renew my contract I am better off. I don't want to return to Canada if the border
is still closed and wind up living below the poverty line. How long will the borders be closed? I don't know. But now it does
not look like a good time to be searching for a new teaching position. But as long as I have a job, and if I get my contract
renewed, I won't go wrong.
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Re: Finding New Teaching Positions
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We've started the semester today for 3rd grade, grades 1 and 2 start next week.

However teaching is being done online, all teachers are in, all students are home.

My brother, a teacher in the UK is also teaching online, but he is doing so from home.  Schools back home are only open for students whose parents are key workers, therefore most of the faculty are not on site.

I, like you do not expect much a recruitment drive back home in summer and think it might be difficult to get jobs elsewhere.  I will either renew my contract here or search for another job in Korea unless something drastically changes between now and summer.

Re: Finding New Teaching Positions
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2020, 10:14:30 am »
How about the prospects for September 2020?