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GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:10:14 pm »
Hi everyone. I recently had the chance to look at my salary breakdown and had a few questions that I'm waiting for confirmation from.

I am a level 1 teacher in the Gyeongnam area. My contract stated that my salary is 2.5 million won. I also go to a second school which gives me a multiple schools allowance (MSA) of 100,000 won. My question is:

Is the 100,000 won inclusive of the 2.5 million won stated in my contract?

On my salary breakdown:

강사수당 (Instructor allowance):  2.3 million won
순회근무수당 (MSA): 100,000 won

My korean English teacher said my salary of 2.5 million is inclusive of the MSA and the 급식비 (meal expenses) which is why it's at 2.3 million on the document. But If it's as he said, then should I not receive a refund for the meal expenses, because for the last three months I've been bringing my own lunch (and will be for the rest of the semester).

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I emailed my program coordinator before this and hasn't gotten a reply. hopefully they're not too stressed to reply to this.

[to moderators, i'm sorry this was posted again! It's my first time positing here and I didn't see this section the first time!}
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Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
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No, if you contract states 2.5 and then you have additional schools, the additional school amount is in addition to......when I started out at 2.5 I had 4 schools, so I made 2.5 + 100 (first school) + 50 (2nd) + 50 (3rd) and if you had anything else...rural, coordinator etc pay it would be in addition. They cannot take food money out if you are not eating it either, but that may be something they signed you up for and you actually need to "cancel"

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Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
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If you're level 1, you should be getting 2.5 plus the 100,000 travel allowance. So it should be 2.6 total. As for paying for school lunch, tell them that you won't be paying any longer. You should be able to log on to the NEIS system to see a breakdown of your pay and the deductions associated with it. Every year or two, I'll change from bringing my own food to eating at the school cafeteria and vice versa by notifying the admin. Whatever amount is due at the end of the month if I eat at the cafeteria, I will transfer via the bank to their bank account.

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Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
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Level one in some rural areas is 2.5 million.  Then 100 K for rural area and multiple school allowance is 100k for 2 schools and 150k for 3 or more schools.  You can also get a 400,000 won rental subsidy if you choose to get your own place.  (But you have to pay your own key deposit money.)  If you are level one there for 2 years, you become a 1 plus and go from 2.5 to 2.7.  The Metro cities have a lower pay rate and Seoul is the absolute worst and pathetic (no renewal allowance there). 

Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry (solved)
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2020, 07:23:43 am »
Hello everyone,  thank you for your replies and your confirmation.

I checked in with my current co-teacher (who was my co-teacher once before) and my previous co-teacher. It was a mistake on the previous accountant's part. The current account was kind enough to give me all the breakdown for my monthly salary for the entire two years (I can't access it through NEIS, not sure why because it always shows up blank). They've contacted the Office of Education to readjust the salary and will pay back the amount that wasn't paid to me this coming paycheck.

Again, thank you everyone ^^

Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
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Glad it worked out

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Re: GOE Teachers: Salary Inquiry
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Nice outcome!