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UberEats Scavenger Hunt Game- Afterschool Games
« on: April 02, 2020, 11:49:59 am »
So I have been binge-watching Running Man and they play so many games on the show.
All my classes are after-school, so I have to come up with fun games to keep them entertained for 40 mins.

The topic is Ordering food over the phone or in person. I picked this topic because I have trouble ordering food in Korean. I'm going to teach this to my 5-6 since it is an intermediate lesson.

Depending on how many students you have you can divide the class into 2-3 teams.
Each team will have to find ingredients and the address in order to win. The first team to find the ingredients and address wins.
In this lesson, I'm using the Shake Shack menu. 
At random the 2 teams will pick 1 of the 2 orders and address. Depending on what food you pick for the menu you can tell them how many they have to find.
You will have to hide the items beforehand around the school. You can use a colored envelope so it will be easier for the students to find.
Allow 20 minutes to hunt for clues.
You can also play mini-games for them to earn a hint before the actual scavenger hunt begins. And if they fail to earn them you can just hide them around the school before the hunt begins. 

Hopefully, we'll be able to play this semester.