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GSI Cheongna and GSI Ilsan
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 Iím blacklisting GSI Cheongna and GSI Ilsan (Global Standard English Institute).

    Iíll get to the point fairly quickly on what to expect if you stupidly choose to work here despite red flags and warnings, like I did:

    -They will do everything that disadvantages teachers if it is advantageous for them, whether that be time, money, etc, from the biggest areas to the smallest concerns.

    -The school will list you as IC (independent contractor) to save on taxes, then lie to you when confronted and try to persuade you that itís for your benefit.

    -The school will not pay your pension unless prompted countless times throughout the year, giving it a few months before stopping once more. Like a derelict toddler with little attention span, you have to stay on top of their legalities and finances for them if you expect things to run anywhere near smoothly.

    -Lies. Lies, lies, lies. Lies by omission, direct lies. The school will collapse before management is honest about the things that really count.

    -Housing up in the air. You will likely be placed into an Airbnb and then moved to one dirty place before being moved again to a dirtier place. You will be lied to about permanent housing the entirety of the year, being told itís up to the market when 9/10, itís a grubby money-saving decision. You will be housed in an uninhabitable environment thatís not up to health code and dangerous, but you will live like this for months after alerting folks in charge because letís be real, no one here cares about you outside of the underpaid labor you provide.

    -Confusion, constantly. Things change fairly quickly and foreign teachers are often the last to find out.

    -Prepare to sweat in classes. The curriculum is hugely prop heavy, consuming time after and before work during unpaid hours if youíre not careful. You are face-to-face contact with the class for the entirety of the class. Violent and distractingly ill-mannered children are free to roam the classrooms and halls causing destruction so long as their parents pay the fees.

-You will fly in and get straight to work. You will observe classes, train, and meet staff after 10+ hour flights. Once you hit Korean soil, your time is assumed theirs.

    -The bus driver/handyman likes to physically assault and verbally harass teachers and management will do nothing about it.

    -Any financial mistakes they make, YOU will pay for. Late utility? Youíre paying it. Fees accorded due to their own forgetfulness. YOU pay for it. And if they ever cop the fee, they will make sure you know to prostrate and thank the heavens above that they dispensed such a generous mercy upon you.

    -The salaries are nowhere near where they need to be. The head foreign teacher said he was making what the new teachers made back in 2008.

    -New parents are constantly shown around to the point you feel more like a zoo animal than a teacher.

    -Several off-color comments made by directors and in-office about people of other ethnicities and nationalities. Favored teachers are allowed to intentionally throw items at students or have bone-breaking accidents and nothing is done to them. Money reigns here, always.

    -The head foreign teacher does not give a damn about what happens to you in that institution so long as he is good. He is their frontman of assistance, but the assistance given is spotty and lackluster, so he acts as more of a white barrier to the upper Korean management than anything. If given concerns, he will often answer you with ďwell this hagwon is better than other *cue horrific standard hagwon*!Ē

    -The director said out of his own mouth, ďThis world would be a cold place if everyone followed the law.Ē Says it all, really. You want to work for a director like that? Be my guest.

    -The co-director,is utterly useless. She does little and holds many aspects of these schools back. If given work, she will foist it off the next thing with a pulse. She will get away with it, because she is never held accountable by management. The directors know this and will do nothing about it.

    Iím sure this sounds biased, from an embittered teacher. I may not be able to convince the reader, but I am a very patient, compromising person. I give people and institutions chances. I communicate often. I do my best not to complain or blame. But there are people and places that will use that quality in people to the last iota and GSI is one of them. DO NOT work here if you donít want to waste your time and potential. There is not a single foreign teacher known in the time spent there that the administration didnít screw around with. They donít appreciate their workers. You are economic fodder to them.

    Anyway, itís your choice in the end. Hope you choose better than I did.

*Mod Edit: removed names so as to avoid potential slander/libel issues, as suggested in several PMs.
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Re: GSI Cheongna and GSI Ilsan
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Tony Tracy looks like David Cameron.
The first thing to say is that this is definitely not pyramid selling, OK?

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Re: GSI Cheongna and GSI Ilsan
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Tony Tracy looks like David Cameron.

I don't know who you are, but I had a good laugh. Thanks   :laugh: