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Re: Songs that bring you to your knees (your top 3 heartbreaking songs)
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2020, 10:08:30 pm »
Man, so many good songs in this thread!

"The Letter" by The Boxtops - It was the first music video I ever watched back when I was... 6? 7? I remember it being really powerful. Both the song and the video was about a guy breaking out of prison to be with the love of his life, to tragic results. I've looked for the video on Youtube, but have never been able to find it. Might be a good thing, as I'm sure that it wouldn't hold up to my memories of it.

The Letter

"An Cat Dubh" by U2 - Kind of a moody song that, for some reason, had me looking up "Cat sėth" and learning a crap tonne about Celtic/Gaelic mythology. Always found it really sad, for some reason.

 An Cat Dub

"End of All Heartache" by Killswitch Engage is, in itself, not exactly a sad song, but it was a favourite of a friend of mine who drowned in a house-boating accident not too long after she shared it with me.  :sad:

End of All Heartache

Hmm. I'm gonna post 4, because nobody can stop me:

"Auron's Theme" from FFX. Not everybody liked that plot of that particular game, but I thoroughly did. Auron was cool, in a tragic kind of way.

Auron's Theme
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