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Kindy/elementary 11am -7pm Jeollanamdo Gwangju Pungamdong
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■ Location : Jeolla Gwangju Pungamdong

■ Starting date : March/April

■ Working condition : 5DAYS / MTWTHF 11am - 7pm

■ Visa type : E-2
■ Salary : 2.2MIL starting

■ BENEFITS : housing or allowance, severance pay, single flight ticket, insurance,

■ STUDENT : Kindy (5,6,7 year olds), elementary students

"Please send your information to my e-mail."

1. Requirement (The following items allow you to process your job faster)


*visa TYPE

*cell phone number

*Current Location

*phone or in-person interview

*Possible start date

2. E-mail :

Our typical work week is around 24 classroom hours, with preparation and breaks in between. Our school is located very central to all services and amenities Gwangju has to offer,  We currently have 14 native teachers from the U.S, South Africa, England, etc… as well as quite a few Korean teachers.
Our starting salary is 2.2 Million Won and it can be raised based on the level of experience from each teacher.
Our school benefits include flights to-and-from your home city, in addition to free accommodation, National Health Insurance, and the Korean National Pension Scheme.
If you are interested in interviewing for a position please let me know a convenient time to make a call. I am usually free Korean mornings from 9:00 am until 12:30 pm, as well as 2:50pm-6pm in the afternoons.
A normal call takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes as we talk about general questions and I give a detailed description of the school.