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Looking for a site, instagram or blog with regular updates about art exhibitions, galleries or museums.

I found this site: but it seems pretty empty. I know there are a lot of museums and galleries in Seoul but I'd like a single place where I can see what's coming up or currently showing all in one place. Anything like that around? I'm pretty sure there's much more than displayed on this site. Like what about the Daelim galleries and the photography museum etc?

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  • Super Waygook

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    • September 05, 2019, 06:37:44 pm
    • Seoul
Are you in Seoul?

Time Out used to be reliable but I don't think it's updated much these days. Not even sure if it's still a going concern.

I mostly follow a bunch of galleries on Instagram and don't know of a single site that agglomerates everything (in English). My feed is crowded but I do find out about a lot of stuff that I wouldn't otherwise. If I find something like what you're looking for, though, I'll post it here.