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I have been working at the same hagwon now for a little over three years. Like any job, it has had its ups and downs. The first three years I can say I honestly enjoyed it. However, long story short, recently the decisions of the director have been poor to say the least, and the work environment has turned into a nightmare.  The handwriting is on the wall that this school will soon be in a downward spiral. I have had enough.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus I have had many opportunities to find other jobs, as the school is closed until the 23rd of March. I have one job lined-up, but they want me to start on the 12th of March. According to my contract, I have to give 40 working days notice before leaving. Knowing my director's ways, I'm waiting until payday (the 10th of March) to tell him I'm quitting, since he would try to screw me over financially. This would only give him two weeks to find a replacement for me, obviously a much shorter time than the 40 working days stated in my contact.

Since I'm on an F-visa I don't need a letter of release. Are there any documents that I would need from my school to transfer to my new school, since I don't plan on ever stepping foot inside of that building or seeing any of the employees there again?

I don't owe him any money for anything, as I rent my own apartment and I pay the bills. I put down the key money.

Am I free to up and leave after payday to my new job without repercussions? Seeing as how my new school is paying more and isn't closed down for the coronavirus (probably not a wise choice, but anyway...), I really want to start working and making money, not desk warming and getting 70% of my paycheck.

I never wanted it to end this way, but things change quickly and I need to move on ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Employees can give 1 hour notice, make sure it is writing.


Thanks! Good to hear.

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That’s actually what the “F” in “F-visa” means... you can tell your employer to go....

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Employees can give 1 hour notice, make sure it is writing.


Yes, employees can walk anytime at a moments notice.

BUT if you do you open yourself up to a potential lawsuit. If the employer can demonstrate that you damaged his business by suddenly quitting, you might have to pay compensation.


The Labour office would likely hold it against you in any Labour dispute, that you did not give the notice that you agreed to in the contract.

Catch my drift?

There is a post on about the question asked.

In short, to ensure that the Employees are not abused, are not forced to work in unsafe working conditions and are not indentured they can leave.
In addition there is a Supreme Court ruling that says Employers cannot put any penalties in contracts to prevent abuse by the Employer.

The Civil Court will follow the Supreme court rulings.

Its on the reddit post and it looks like it is being posted by a Korean Labor Law Firm and other Korean Law Firms.