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    • February 23, 2020, 04:04:09 pm
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Working at home/ hourly KRW 24,000
It is not a fantasy to earn KRW 2.5M  in a month.

We are Willmate English!
Our business is to provide English learners opportunities to practice their speaking and communication skills.
You don't need to hold an English education certification or career at all. You just have a conversation with those who study English.
We very welcome those who are good at speaking English; Korean-Americans, and obviously native speakers

If you are interested in, please visit our website.

After checking the "Tutor Page" on our website, please let us know by the email written below if you are good to post your photo and introduction on the website. When you send us the email, please mention "Hoping tutor registration". We will send you applications and some materials once we receive your email.

There is also a Kakao Talk automatic response. Please find the link written below to check the details of your work.

○ Hourly Wage:₩24,000
○ Work Place:Home or any quiet place.
○ Working Hours:Any time(you can set your time on the website)
○ Job Description:Having conversation in English with English learners via phone or chat (it is not difficult because supplementary materials are provided).
○ Regardless of Age and Sex
○ Person who owns computer.

○ Person who is good at listening, who has a bright personality, who has a good personality, who can have a pleasant conversation with someone who has never met.
○ Person who can have a class at night time.

I can't respond on this bulletin board.
Please send a message to the Kakao Talk account.

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