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Contract Review- First time teaching overseas!
« on: February 21, 2020, 02:18:25 am »
Hello! I just received a job offer to teach elementary level students English in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do South Korea. The job was offered to me through the consulting firm Korvia. I have never had a teaching abroad experience and I recently graduated from Uni.

Name of School -Dongtan Global JLS (CHESS)

Contract Period 06/01/2020 ~ 05/31/2021. Arrive in Korea on 26th May 2020 for training

Monthly Salary 2200000 KRW  (~1,860 USD/Month)

Flight Cost Support Round Trip

Housing   Single Furnished Studio

Paid Leave 10

Other Benefits National Health Insurance, National Pension, Working Visa

The teacherís work will include the following:

1.Teaching the English language (Target studentsí ages: 7to 16)

2.Development of educational programs and materials

3.Curriculum design and implementation.

4.Indoor and outdoor classroom activities for/with students

5.Grading, evaluation, and assessment of students

6.Providing students with individualized care

7.Attending teacherís meetings and workshops


a.During the term of this Agreement, the teacher should work in cooperation with the Supervisor.

b.Teachers will be required to attend some special events throughout the year (Workshops,studentsíevaluation, special events,etc.) which may fall on a Saturday. Teachers will not receive additional compensation for these days.

c.The teacher agrees to teach from 14:00~22:00 to adequately prepare for classes.

d.The employer cannot guarantee the teacherís requested teaching schedule.


a.The employer agrees to pay the teacher salary of 2,200,000 won and preparation for classes.

b.The payment of the salary is to be made on 10th of the following month.

c.The salary for assigned teaching hours is inclusive of preparation, and all teachers will have a scheduled block of planning time each day.


a.Round Trip economy airfare is provided with the one-year contract from the teacherís nearest airport to the international airport in Korea and transportation from the airport to the teacherís residence in Korea. Upon completion of this contract, the teacher will be provided with a return ticket.

b.If the teacher leaves the school before his/her contract period ends, the school will not pay for his/her return ticket.

c.If the teacher leaves the school prior to completing six(6) months period of this contract for any reason, the teacher reimburse the school the cost of the ticket paid by the school or the school may deduct the equivalent amount from the teacherís last monthís pay.

d.The employer will pay for the visa run as there is no need to pay for a flight to Korea. This includes accommodation.

e.If the teacher wants to teach at another school located in Korea after finishing his/her current contract, the employer will not reimburse the teacher the cost of a return ticket to his/ her country.


a.Upon arrival in Korea, the teacher will be guaranteed from two to five days for an orientation period(it depends on JLS schedules), before being expected to begin his/her regular teaching work.

b.The teacher will be on the payroll from the day after his/her arrival in Korea, except for weekends and national holidays.

c.During the orientation period the teacher is required to be at the school making lesson plans and learning about the school system. d.The teacher will receive 30,000 won (~25 USD) stipend per day during the observation period.

Health and pension plan)

a.The Employer will pay 50% of the premium for the Teacherís health plan, which is provided by the Employer and are administrated through the Employer(Participation in a health plan is optional). The Teacher will be responsible for rest of the costs.

b.The teacher and the Institute could make regular contributions to the Teacherís pension fund, as stipulated by the rules and regulations of Korean National Pension Corporation. If eligible, the Teacher will receive a reimbursement of all contributions made by him/ herself and the Institute upon departure from Korea.

c.There are two types of pension in Korea. One is superannuation, which is 50% supported by the company. The other is self-managed superannuation. For the latter, it is the teacherís full responsibility to pay for pension. Approximately 9%from the salary will be deducted as a pension charge if one applies for self-managed superannuation.

At JUNGSANG JLSschool, the latter choice, self-managed superannuation pension is possible only if the teacher wishes, and he/she will receive a reimbursement of all contributions made by him/ herself and the Institute upon departure from Korea.


a. The teacher will be allowed vacation, 10 days that is indicated in the JUNG SANG JLS school schedule.

b.The teacher will be allowed only vacation as indicated in the JUNG SANG JLS school schedule.


a.The employer agrees that the teacher is entitled to 5 working days of emergency leave, in the event of death in the teacher's parents. For this emergency leave, no deduction of salary will be taken place.

b.The employer cannot provide the teacher with any additional compensation for airfare in the case of an emergency.

c.The employer has the right to request (upon return to Korea) reasonable proof for having granted emergency leave.

d.In the event that a period longer than 5 working days is required for emergency leave, it is up to the employerís discretion to permit such a period.e. The teacher must request emergency leave time before departing from Korea.


a.The school will provide the teacher, with furnished accommodations that include one bedroom one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.

b.Furnishings being provided by the employer include: air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, bed, fan, kitchen table, basic utensils, chair and two burner gas hotplate.The teacher will be expected to provide his/her own pillow, pillowcase, and sheets.

c.Selection of the apartment will be made by the employer.

d.The cost of monthly service, utilities, and telephone charges for the accommodations will be paid bythe teacher. In the case of a shared apartment, the cost will be shared by the roommates.

e.For the first three(3) months, the Employer will withhold a deposit of 200,000 won each month, in order for the employer to pay off utility and telephone charges,received by the employer during the two months after termination of the contract.

f.Any balance due the teacher after all bills have been paid will be transferred to the teacherís account back home months after termination of the contract.


a.Upon completion of this one-year contract, the teacher will receive 2,2M Korean Won as a severance payment in accordance with Korean Labor Laws. This payment will be made at the time of completion of the contract period.


a.The employer reserves the right to dismiss the teacher from employment for the following causes:

1.Neglect or inability to perform his/her duties stipulated in this agreement

2.Frequent absences from work

3.Receiving two warning letters

4.Criminal behavior or misconduct

5.Teaching any private classes outside of the JUNG SANG JLS school

b.The employer agrees to give the teacher 20 working days notice in the event of dismissal. However, in the case of a teacherís criminal behavior or misconduct, he/she will be dismissed from employment immediately with no warning or notice.

c.In the event the teacher resigns from employment, he/she can do so giving 20 working days notice to the employer.d.In either case of dismissal or resignation before completing six(6) months period of the contract term, the teacher must reimburse the employer the cost of the ticket to Korea.e.In either case of dismissal or resignation before completing the contract term, the teacher will NOT receive any severance payment in accordance with Korean Labor Laws.