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Movie making English club
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:07:48 pm »
Hello , I teach in an elementary school . I have been asked to run an English club this year that will involve making movies and commercials with students. I wonder if  anyone has any material in regards to filming , storyboards , commercial/advertisement conventions or anything sort of media related.Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated also.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Movie making English club
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I had the students in my Winter camps (grade 3 camp, grade 4 and 5 camp) make a movie over the course of the week.  Mixed results (but they seemed to enjoy it) and they needed plenty of scaffolding.  If there is any doubt about students attendign regularly you could have them use puppets - finger, hand, stick puppets etc.  During camp it was difficult to know if the students would be present the next day - having puppets removed that difficulty.  One of the students present would just do 2 characters. 

Using puppets also reducing anxiety for shyer students.

I did a drama (ie roleplay) afterschool class a few years ago and it was difficult as students didn't attend regularly making it hard to carry something over for more than one session. 

Here was my planning outline for winter camp
Day 1 structured roleplay
Watch grade 3 (or grade 4 ...) ‘Make a story’ (Listen and speak/ Look and listen etc  from textbooks (reviewing what they know)
Have scripts of these available and students rotate around different locations doing the roleplays. (possibly with stick puppets of the textbook characters?)

Day 2 - free roleplay leading into writing their own roleplay
Review words and sentences learned during the year (read around the room? Or ppt)
1.   Rotation roleplays -  Rotate around different scenes/backdrops (restaurant, library, clothing story, supermarket, school, doctor (English advertising flyers (from grade 4)) using stick puppets, finger puppets, handpuppets, …(10 minutes)
2.   Choose a character for your roleplay [puppet?or self] (1-2)
3.   Fill in ‘mad-libs’ form (as a group) (5)
4.   Then fill into their ‘story’ (as a group). (5)
5.   Free roleplay using your characters and the mad-lib story outline. (3-5)
6.   Write a roleplay in your group using ideas from roleplay – using whiteboards.  NT to type up and make any corrections during the afternoon.  (5)

Day 4 - modifying and adding a song
Practise their group roleplay (and writing more)
1.   Sing songs from previous year's textbook (or this years book if they have learned it) 
2.   Groups choose one song and change the words to fit for their roleplay. (or use a song they know eg Happy birthday, Mary had a little lamb, twinkle twinkle little star etc)
3.   Write words on scrap paper and practice with actions – or practice with puppets.

Day 5
1.   Practise roleplay with group [2 mins].
2.   Make it longer and more interesting.  By adding a problem.
[Add a problem – either choose their own problem or pull a problem out of the bag eg ‘it starts to rain ‘Oh, no.  It’s raining/snowing.  I don’t have an umbrella.’    [character] ‘I don’t have any money’.  ‘I’m hungry.  It’s time for lunch/dinner/breakfast.’ ‘Mom is angry.’  ‘It’s is too big/small/tall/short.’
3.   If possible, add an extra problem – pull out another problem or make their own.
4.   Write on your whiteboard/printed paper

(Story outline
a)    Intro – characters, setting
b)   Problem
c)   Difficulty
d)   Difficulty
e)   Resolution and all happy

5.   Practise your roleplay

[any day
Make any props for their roleplay
Title page, credits, backdrop

Practise again and perform in front of other groups while teacher is videoing
Last Day - watch videos
Watch the videos together

Hope it goes well for you whatever you end up doing

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Re: Movie making English club
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Fun idea! Thanks for sharing!