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Hey y’all. A simple question and some advice needed. Today’s my first lesson after summer break. My fifth graders this year DO NOT STUDY AT ALL and With online classes, it’s even harder for them to learn anything.

 I tried to do review L1-L6 with a class today and it went horribly. It was dead silent, and no one said anything.

What do y’all do for big review lessons to keep them interested?

I really have taken 2019 for granted because I don't remember a review lesson being so difficult to get through as today. I'm really starting to think that maybe, I'm just not a good teacher by not my lessons interesting enough for the students to be engaged in.

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Re: Advice requested for big Review lesson after summer break (2020)
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I bet you're a good teacher! I'm guessing the kids are taking advantage of online classes and not doing much for studying English. I find that doing a PPT review with the vocab and phrases then a ppt game sort of gets them moving or awake. I have noticed that no one really wants to talk much in person this year. just a few students whose English level is pretty high already.

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Re: Advice requested for big Review lesson after summer break (2020)
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Re: Advice requested for big Review lesson after summer break (2020)
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Yes, it is much harder this year without the continuity of regular classes.  I too am finding it hard to get them to speak.
Here are 3 ideas I had for just before the vacation - and I did two of them with mixed results.

1) Goldenbell (attached file) 
I was lucky in that only 2 classes did this activity and we have enough whiteboards/markers and erasers for 2 complete class sets.  Otherwise I guess we could have given each student an A4 sheet of paper and folded it to make a certain number of sections to use (or photocopy a premade chart with 10 or so squares on it).  There is a mix of questions types and I tried to do at least 2 for each lesson.  Different types of responses - ie O/X, multiple choice, fill in the missing word, scrambled sentences and draw a picture to illustrate the dialog/sentence.  Not much talking but all participated!

2) Look and listen/Listen and Say (period 1 and 2 video clips)  (We realise a number of students haven't looked at them at home!]
[One class only a few students volunteered answers, the other class more students volunteered answers]
1)Throw a dice to decide which Look and Listen’ or ‘Listen and Say’ to listen to.
2) Before listening:  Students try to recall the dialog and NT to write on the board.  [I divided the class into 2 groups (boys and girls - which I don't normally do but it was too difficult to divide the class down the middle due to the set up in the classrooms]
3) Then listen to the dialogand give one point for each correct sentence students recalled.
 [we did the 'listen and repeat' option on the CD to get some speaking in - limited though it is]
4) Repeat with a different lesson.

3)  Review of storytime/reading section [Not done as the co-teacher chose the other 2 activities]  This is an activity we have done in regular class for the reading time - but not this year
)Choose a lesson. (Throw a large dice to have an element of 'game/chance/fun'
2) Students have 1 minute to practice reading on their own.
3) Then go around the class with each student reading one line.  Read the story at least twice so all students can read.
4) Time how long it takes and write up on the board.
5) Start with a new student and repeat.  Is it faster the second time?
6) Choose a different lesson.

Re: Advice requested for big Review lesson after summer break (2020)
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Maybe try a review with flash cards. It's simple and effective way for them to study. You may also tell the students to ask questions for the entire class related to the subject of your review. You can also let them the teacher and the grader. This way you may check how much they remember and give better grades to those who remember more and want to remind others the knowledge from last year. These are just quick few thoughts that I haven't tried yet, but I'll give them a try  ;D