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How are you?

I am Yun and the top recruiter for Independent Start Korea Inc. ( ISK ). We are a legally registered recruiting company in South Korea.

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Please answer them and send me your resume and a picture to

1) Do you have E2 visa? Or what visa documents do you have?

2) What is your current salary and preferable salary?

3) What other facts are in your mind when you choose School? Shorter working hours? having a housing allowance? higher salary? Round air-ticket?

4) When are you available for skype interview? What is your skype ID?

5) I would like to have a letter of recommendation or current school phone number to check your reference. Could you send to me?

6) After check every school positions details, let me know what position that you want to apply to.

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< Seoul 7> Two positions on March 9th and March 23rd.

* Vacancy :  two positions ( Female or Male teacher need )

*Starting Date : March 9th and March 23rd.

*Locations : Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul  (Junggye statin / subway line 7)

*Salary : 2.2~2.4 M won (Negotiable)

*Schedules: 3 ~ 9 pm

*Students: elementary and Middle school

*No. Native English teachers: 10

*Housing : Furnished single (walking distance from school) or housing allowance 500.000 won/ month

*Benefits : Health insurance (50/50), National pension (Yes), offer 900.000 won instead of one way return airfare , Severance pay, 10 days paid vacation.

*This school is focus on English writing after Reading English literature.

* Education, English or English literature major will be preferred.

* British, Australian, American, Canadian teacher will be preferred.

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• Be a native English speaker

• Hold a valid passport from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa

• Hold at a minimum a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university from one of the above countries

• Have a clean national criminal record with Apostille or certification from Korean Consulate (depending on country)

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Thank you so much

I am looking forward to working with you,

ISK Director


Skype ID: goworldyun

Tell:  82-70-8129-2201

Mobile:  82-10-8271-2200