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Body Spelling Bee TPR
« on: January 30, 2020, 01:59:13 pm »
This year, I've been blessed with two extremely energetic after school classes (one 1/2 and one 3/4). In both, I teach alone (although the 3/4 class technically has a "coteacher" in the room, he rarely participates). I've understandably been struggling a bit to hold their attention while simultaneously teaching them something. With 1/2, I'm trying to cover the alphabet. With 3/4, basic spelling and phonics. So... I made a game that can work decently well for both and release a lot of their pent up energy.

WARNING: This game can get pretty loud, so if you're in the kind of school that prefers to limit noise, it might be a poor choice for your class if you can't lay down some strict volume limits somehow.

RULES: This game, The Body Spelling Bee is best played in teams of three, although two students can manage together in a pinch. First, I had the students use their bodies to spell each letter of the alphabet. This was not part of the actual contest, but more like an opportunity for them to work out how the letters should work and for me to get an idea of what they would look like during the actual competition. Of course, some of the students are less flexible than others, so they tend to make their letters a bit more... vaguely shaped. Anyway, after the practice ABC basics round, I bring them up to the front of the classroom two teams at a time. The two teams race to spell the ppt's simple three letter words, one letter at a time. Each letter must be approved before they can move on to the next. Like I said, I teach alone, so I can't monitor more than two teams at once. If you're with a coteacher and have enough classroom space, you could probably manage three or four at once. The fastest team gets one point. I tend to bring the teams up in "random" order, so the scores can stay fairly even. My students (and most children their age, I assume) get really frustrated to see their scores much lower than the others.

And... that's the game. It's really simple, but I've never seen my 3/4 graders react so positively, and I can't wait to use it with my 1/2 graders on Monday. If you decide to use this, please let me know how it goes!!!