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SLP Contract Review
« on: January 21, 2020, 03:55:13 pm »
I have a BA in Linguistics, 160hr TEFL, no teaching experience. I know SLPs have a bad reputation but I talked to a current foreign teacher and the work environment seems nice, I'm just worried about teaching 80min long classes.
Can anyone check for red flags in the contract? Thanks :)

1.  The institute and the teacher agree as follows;
The Teacher accepts employment from the Institute to teach English under the terms and conditions set forth here in this agreement for a period of twelve full and consecutive teaching sessions. Employment commences from the first day of teaching and finishes on the last teaching day of the last teaching session under the employment period in the agreement.
The employment period is from ( March 1, 2020) to  (February 28, 2021)
The teacherís daily working hours Ė including preparation, class teaching, etc. Ė are 9 hours. The Teacher will have at least 21 classes (80 minute lesson) per teaching week. Monday through Friday are teaching days except vacation days. The Teacher is required to be at the institute at least two hours prior to his or her first class. Lunch break is from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.
The Teacher is expected to devote 2 hours a day at the Institute for lesson planning with co-teachers, construction of teaching materials, student evaluations, reporting, consultation with parents, supervision of play, and maintenance of the English environment during breaks, workshops, and teachersí meetings.

All SLP teachers have the duty to work for 20 days per session or 240 days a year. All teachers working at SLP must understand and comply with this school policy.

The Teacher will be required to attend some special events (3~4 days such as graduation ceremony, SLP Speech Contest and Orientation of incoming students, etc) or take classes on Saturdays.

2.   Duties
A.   Duties may include, but are not limited to;
i.   teaching
ii.   substitute teaching
iii.   supervision of students
iv.   preparation/production of teaching materials
v.   submitting daily and monthly lesson plans
vi.   curriculum design and implementation
vii.   attendance at teachersí meetings and workshops
viii.   writing evaluation comments and preparing evaluation reports
ix.   essay and journal correction / homework checking
x.   Implementation of Teacher Policy Guidelines.
xi.   participation in micro-teaching group presentations
xii.   interviewing new students for level testing / classroom assignment
xiii.   professional development
xiv.   Teacher Training in the Institute or SLP headquarters.
xv.   Participation in the training of students to prepare them for their presentations and for the SLP speech contest or graduation.
B.   The Teacherís duties and responsibilities, as well as the academic programs, may be modified, from time to time, after being agreed upon by both the Teacher and the Institute
C.   The Teacher may work longer than the usual working hours during the summer and winter vacation. Due to the way the Korean education system works, this schedule is unavoidable. Overtime will be given over the hours of agreement.
D.   Any part of the Teacherís workload can be converted into research and development work under his or her supervisorís supervision.
E.   Teachers should promptly follow the directorís and the supervisorís orders or requests.
F.   Teachers must comply with the SLP policies, requirements, rules and regulations.

3.   Behavior
The Teacher should respect the rules and the standard of conduct set by the Institute (written, verbal and tacit) and obey the laws, regulations, instructions, and ordinances of the national and local governments.

The Teacher should dress professionally. The Teacher should not wear shorts, flip flops, leggings (with shorts or skirts that are too short) tank tops, sleeveless t-shirts, spaghetti strap tops and training suits.

4.     Dual Employment Prohibition
The Teacher, after signing the agreement and receiving a work visa, can only legally work for an Institute designated by the Institute. If the Teacher works for any other institutes, companies, or individuals without the written consent of the Institute and the Korean Immigration Office, the Teacher shall face legal consequences which will/may include a fine and possible deportation.

5.   Performance Evaluations
The Teacher may be evaluated in written or verbal comment by his or her supervisor. The Institute has the right to determine if a performance appraisal is needed on a monthly basis or more frequently. The evaluation will include a review of the Teacherís job qualifications and performance; the quality of his or her work; knowledge of his or her job, job skills, and attitude toward job; working relations with co-workers, students and parents; initiative, attendance, punctuality, and/or disciplinary record.  The review is designed to provide both the Teacher and his or her supervisors with time to discuss his or her strengths, weaknesses, career objectives and other concerns.

6.   Confidentiality
A.   The Teacher hereby agrees, covenants and undertakes that he/she will not disclose any information relating to the Teacherís employment conditions to others, any teaching materials, or any information related to the academic program, whether verbally or written, to individuals or corporate entities.
B.   All teaching materials, including any books, textbooks and teaching resources, given to the Teacher by the Institute and reference materials prepared for the classes, by the Teacher, should be returned afterwards. The Teacher must not take out or use these materials for purposes other than for teaching at the Institute.
C.   All materials and information produced, during the period of employment, become the property of the Institute. The Teacher maybe compensated as regular pay, overtime, or in an agreed-upon lump sum, remain the sole discretion of the Institute.

7.   Compensation
A.   Monthly Salary
Except for the period of orientation and teacher training, the Institute will pay the Teacher a total monthly basic salary of        2,100,000          Won.
The payment of the monthly salary will be made on the 14th day of the following month. Korean income tax, National Pension and Medical Insurance will be deducted from the monthly salary.
B.  Overtime
Overtime teaching - beyond twenty-one(21)  unit classes (80 minutes/unit) - is paid at  25,000 Won per unit.  The assignment of overtime above the regular     classes is at the sole discretion of the Institute.
   Payment for teaching class on Saturday is made at the rate of 30,000 Won per class (80 minutes). Payment for special events on Saturday is upon the discretion of the SLP director. Payment for occasional staff meetings and workshops held on Saturday will not be made.
   In case of substitute teaching, the Teacher will receive substitute teaching fee of 25,000 Won/unit (80 minutes), only if the substitute teaching class hours exceed the Teacherís contractual class hours. In case the Teacher is about or misses his/her classes, the Teacher shall be responsible for the substitute teaching fee   25,000 Won/unit (80 minutes). That means, the substitute teaching fee shall be deducted from the monthly payment.
C.   Orientation and Teacher Training
The teacher will receive at least one week of orientation and training. Half of the normal teaching salary will be paid during the period of orientation and training. The orientation and training schedule will be approximately 8 hours a day.

D.   Health Insurance
The Teacher will be covered by Korean National Health Insurance.  According to the government guideline for teachers, the monthly insurance charge will be shared half by the Institute and the Teacher.  Coverage will be from the date of joining in the Korean Medical Insurance Union, commencing approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the teacher's arrival of Korea due to the requirements of the immigration and taxation departments.

E.   National Pension Plan
In accordance with the Korean Law, all foreign workers employed by Korean businesses shall pay into the Korean National Pension plan at a rate stipulated by the Korean National Pension Law deducted from monthly earnings with the Institute's contribution.
Refund of the National Pension to a teacher who becomes a compulsorily insured Teacher, where the Pension Act of the Teacher's home country provides the benefit corresponding to the lump-sum refund of the National Pension Plan, the lump-sum refund of this plan shall be paid to the foreigner, according to Korean Law.
F.   Severance Pay
i.      On completion of one's responsibilities of the full employment period, an additional month of regular salary      2,100,000      Won per one year shall be paid as severance pay.  If the Teacher, however, does not complete the full period of one year employment, none of the severance pay shall be paid according to Korean Labor Standard Law.  Severance pay will be paid by bank transfer no later than 30 days after the Teacher has left the Institute. Korean severance tax will be withheld.

ii.     Should there be any problems in their apartment when the Teacher leaves SLP (e.g. dirty apartment, damages due to the Teacherís negligence etc.), SLP is going to deduct the fees (cleaning fee, repair fee) from the Teacherís severance pay. In the event that this thing happens, SLP also offers to send the receipt of the expenses to the Teacher through email.     

8.   Housing
A.   The Institute will select and provide furnished living accommodation for the Teacher
i.   Single housing with furnishings will be supplied by the Institute or,
ii.   Shared housing with furnishings : In this case, each Teacher will be               
                provided his/her own private room
iii.   Furnishings will include Air-conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing
machine, wardrobe, telephone, range, bed, desk, chair, dining table, and some eating & cooking utensils.
B.   The Teacher is responsible for utility charges such as electricity, gas, water, telephone charges and the administrative fee (including the apartment buildingís regular cleaning fee, garbage disposal, and other matters related to the maintenance of the apartment building <e.g. maintenance costs for elevator, the buildingís electricity fee and security maintenance costs> etc), which costs around 60,000 Won (around 55 dollars). These will be deducted from the Teacherís salary monthly.

C.   The institute will pay for the reparation of broken furnishings (e.g. heater, washing machine and air conditioner). In the event the damage is due to the Teacherís negligence, the Teacher will be charged any repair or replacement.

9.   Holidays/Vacation/Leave
A.   The Teacher will be entitled to receive vacation days during the employment term according to the yearly schedule provided by the SLP Head Quarter.
B.   Sick Leave: Paid sick leave is only applicable in cases of actual illness. The Teacher must provide a doctorís certificate or a stamp from a pharmacy upon returning to work. When the Teacher needs to use Sick Leave, he/she must contact the supervisor or the director at least three (3) hours prior to their first class. The Teacher is allocated 15 classes (80 minutes/class) of Sick Leave compensation per year. Unused sick leave may not be converted into cash.  If the teacher misses more than 15 classes (80 minutes/class),   25,000 Won will be deducted from his or her salary for every subsequent class missed.
C.   Emergency Leave : Emergency Leave is only applicable in cases of natural disaster, hospitalization, death of immediate family members (spouse, parents, son or daughter), fire, accident or other emergency situations that have been acknowledged as such by the Institute. Notification of Emergency Leave should, if possible, be given three (3) hours in advance of the classes the Teacher expects to miss. The Institute agrees that the Teacher is allocated 5 working days of emergency leave. The Institute cannot provide the Teacher with any additional compensation for airfare in the case of an emergency.
        In the event that the Teacher is gone for a period longer than 5 working days,  25,000 Won (per class) will be deducted from his or her salary for every subsequent class missed.
D.   Personal Leave : In order for the Teacher to take Personal Leave, he/she must submit an application for leave form at least 48 hours in advance. Advanced approval from the Institute is required. The Teacher is not allowed to take more than 8 classes(80 minute) of Personal Leave. In case of Personal Leave, the Teacher will have   25,000  Won deducted from his/her salary for each class missed. Only one Teacher will be granted personal leave on one given day. Request will be honored in the order that the Teacher informs the supervisor and the SLP director of the said request.
E.   Vacation : The vacation will be scheduled on the annual SLP academic calendar, decided by the SLP Corporation, Sogang University.

10.   Transportation
A.   The Institute shall pay for a one-way airfare from the teacherís port of departure to a major city in Korea.
B.   Teacher hired in-country shall have a visa trip to Japan paid for by the Institute.  No airfare will be provided to the Teacher hired in-country except if the Teacher extends for a second year, then a one-way ticket is provided to the west coast of USA or Canada.
C.   In case the Teacher fails to complete the employment due to his or her own fault/reason, the Teacher shall pay back the Institute the total amount of the air ticket and the actual amount for the visa trip to Japan, in the case of an in-country hiring.
D.   Air tickets provided cannot be exchanged for cash equivalents or transferred to persons other than the Institute.

11.   Termination
A.   The Institute has the right to terminate the Employment for the following terms
Terms of termination:
i.   When the Teacher fails to perform or unsatisfactorily performs any one of the duties stipulated in this agreement
ii.   Not showing up in class at all
iii.   Leaving the classroom without the Supervisorís permission before the class ends
iv.   Habitually arriving late to the Institute or to class
v.   Not being prepared for class
vi.   Not submitting lesson plans and evaluations on time
vii.   Habitually showing up late for meetings or not attending at all without the Supervisorís permission
viii.   When the Teacher fails to perform duties for more than three(3) consecutive days without any valid excuse
ix.   The determination that the Teacher is prevented from or incapable of performing his/her duties for a medical reason, whether it is a physical or psychological ailment (If requested by Institute, the Teacher must immediately be available for a medical examination.)
x.   Receiving two warning letters from the supervisor or the director.
xi.   Criminal behavior or unprofessional behavior:
a) Threatening or abusing students
b) Showing disrespect to the director, the supervisor, and any other staff members
c) Threatening, verbal abuse, physical abuse to staff members
d) Using or teaching inappropriate behavior and/or language in the classroom
xii.   Working or Teaching outside of the SLP Institute.
xiii.   Breaches of Article 6 ďConfidentialityĒ
xiv.   Defamation of Institute by falsehood
B.   The Institute and the Teacher may terminate this employment with a written 60-days notice. Anything less than 30 days will be considered a breach of employment by the Institute or the Teacher unless the employment is terminated for a cause
i.   In the event of early termination of Agreement, the final payment will be given 30 days after the last day of employment.
ii.   In the event the Teacher terminates the Agreement, before the end of the contract, the airfare, recruiting fee and visa trip fee, in case the Teacher has to have visa trip to Japan, will be reimbursed (deducted from last month pay).

C. Within 14 days, the Institute is required to sign a notice of termination and accompany the employee to the Korean Immigration office to notify the Korean Immigration office of the termination.

D. As per Korean Government Visa regulations, the Teacher will be tested for drugs/illnesses ( including HIV and TBPE ), after arriving in Korea. If the Teacher tests positive, the Institute will terminate his/her contract. The teacher will pay the institute the cost of airfare and recruiting fee. The teacher will be deported according to the new visa regulations.

12.     Sole and Entire Agreement
This Agreement is the sole, complete and entire employment, agreement and understanding between the Institute and the Teacher concerning the Employment; the terms and conditions of the Employment; the duration of the Employment, the termination of the Employment and the compensation and benefits to be paid and provided by the Institute to the Teacher pursuant to the Employment.  This Agreement supersedes any and all prior employments, agreements, correspondence, letters of intent, understandings, and/or negotiations, whether oral or written, concerning the Employment; the terms and conditions of the Employment; the duration of the Employment; the termination of the Employment and/or the compensation and benefits to be paid by the Institute to the Teacher pursuant to the Employment.

13.     Applicable Law and Venue
This agreement and each and every provision hereof shall be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Korea without regard to any conflicts of law principles, and the venue in which a claim, action or lawsuit may be brought shall be exclusively the Republic of Korea.

Special Note:

The Teacher and the Institute agree that the teacher will pay 200,000 won during the first two months of employment as a housing management deposit. This deposit is for the unpaid monthly services, utilities, telephone charges. The teacher will pay 200,000 won per month for the first 2 months on the payday. The Teacher will get the deposit back together with the severance pay.

Re: SLP Contract Review
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so you want to work 45 hours a week plus Saturdays for 1700 bucks a month? I see these contract reviews and sometimes people want to pick it apart but there is no need in cases like this. They offer minimum vacation, tons of hours, long classes and lowest pay possible. Don't overlook the most obvious.

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Re: SLP Contract Review
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Don't...just don't do it.  It is a bag of shite, waiting to explode. 

Trust the vets on this one...(unless you are desperate). 

The salary is something from 2004...

Just move on...find something else.