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Hello everybody

First post of this type for me, and I'm hoping one of you may have some advice. I have checked other questions, but couldn't readily find something that dealt with my issue. Here goes...
I am currently working in a public school in Korea, and will be staying for (at least) another year. I'm a UK citizen.

I've just had a message from my current co-teacher, saying that I need to complete tax adjustment forms with the administration office sometime next week. She doesn't know much about it
herself, and neither do I; so I want to ensure that I take the necessary details to school when I go to complete the paperwork.

My question is concerning self-employed income, and whether this is something that gets dealt with at this stage - in school - or whether it's something I can do myself at a slightly later date this year?
This year, I will have a small (under GBP1,000) personal income due from [global] royalties, which I would like to declare in Korea rather than back home in the UK.

I had understood from searching online that self-employed income, such as what I'm talking about, is something that can be done a little later in the year, separately... however, if any of you
know differently I'd be most grateful for advice!

The reason I'd prefer to delay it is I have not yet written down exactly what amount(s) I've received, and I wanted to ensure I went to school prepared, if indeed it was necessary.

Thanks all for any suggestions or pointers.

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Re: Public school tax adjustment + self-employed income - PLEASE HELP!
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You're right, it can be done later in the year (in Spring I believe), but your school won't be helping you with it if you choose that option. You'd have to file the numbers and papers by yourself, or with the help of a tax accountant accountant.

Re: Public school tax adjustment + self-employed income - PLEASE HELP!
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Re: Public school tax adjustment + self-employed income - PLEASE HELP!
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You should ensure that you reporting your Income from Royalties will not violate the terms and conditions of your E/D VISA.
To CYA, you should get a Letter from your Employer that states they know of your Income generating activities and that they have given you permission to own the intellectual property you have created.

There have been several Waygookins's that have had their E/D VISA's pulled because they had received income from YTube while being Employed by a Korean Company.
The Department of Immigration is very clear on their Opinion which is that if you earn any revenues in Korea that are not directly from your Employer you are working Illegally in Korea.
If the royalties are being generated from outside of Korea then really the safe method is to claim the small amount when you file UK taxes later.
if you do want to file in Korea due to the Tax Treaty, then ensure you will not violate the current Dept. of Immigration Policy... it is really a policy for it is not really part of any Statue or Law.
It may change in time, but for now their opinion is that if there is any payment into your Korean Bank Accounts that are not from your VISA Sponsors, you are violating the terms of your VISA.

The way the last guy got caught was he was Gammer who gained a fair amount of attention for he would play with Korean Guilds and that got him noticed.
With luck your Royalties are not generated from YTube...


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Re: Public school tax adjustment + self-employed income - PLEASE HELP!
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Anything less than 5.000 wouldn't be noticed anyways.
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