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Simson Language Institute - Sincheon. Thoughts? Experience?
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:40:05 pm »
Hello all!

I just got offered a position with Simson in Sincheon, Seoul. Any thoughts or previous experience?

They have added a few odd things into the contract so I am a bit nervous to take on the position regardless of its location.

Thank you all!!

Re: Simson Language Institute - Sincheon. Thoughts? Experience?
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Post the contract. Ive never heard of the hakwon but were happy to check the contract.


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Re: Simson Language Institute - Sincheon. Thoughts? Experience?
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People have asked about this place before. It is worth noting that they seem to be hiring frequently.

Simson in Jamsil  OK

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  • Looks well established +20 years
  • Afternoon classes, probably less draining than kindy


I have to say, among all of the hakwons you have presented to us today, this programme seems to correlate the most with how I have been taught to teach. Authentic exposure, lovely debates and essay writing, but I'm not too sold on the frontal teaching that seems to be taking place all the time due to the constraints of the classroom. I'd rearrange the tables in groups of 4.

So, looks great but then again, an old-fashioned teacher could completely screw things up by doing the one- person-at-a-time conversational Korean-style teaching sessions instead of having the entire group engaged in the activity. I'm not saying that we are outperforming Korea educationally speaking, but considering how much time Koreans invest in their studies and seeing how Finland (8 ) outranked Korea (9) and seeing how Germanic/Scandinavian countries outperform in the world with very little to no homework or class, should give any Korean pause and hopefully be food for thought. The last time I have given out homework must have been years ago. (I teach MYP and upper 6th Form= high school)
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Re: Simson Language Institute - Sincheon. Thoughts? Experience?
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Hi, I know this thread is old, but I don't see any newer topics on this school so I'd like to share.
I taught there from March 2018 to August 2018, exiting the contract early.

I was always paid on time and the apartment was good, but the major issue I had was that they refused to give us (me and the 1 other foreign teacher) our summer vacation time. We argued with them over e-mail for weeks. A manager came to explain to us that it was "hard for them" to give us a vacation because they had no substitute teacher. And then you know what happened when they finally gave in? Our vacation weeks were separate, so we had to work twice as hard for one week in order to cover each other's classes.

I told them I was quitting at the 3 month mark, and in the contract there was a stipulation that if you quit before 3 months, you must pay a fee. I asked them how much the fee was and they said something about 1mil-2mil won in Korean. So just because of quitting early, I had to forfeit half or more of my paycheck? Hell no. I told them I would work there until the end of August to avoid paying the fee and did my first ever midnight run a month later, which I never thought I would do.

Korean teachers also hated that place. Whenever someone quit, the remaining teachers had to cover the work even though they didn't agree to do that originally. The month before I left, Korean teachers were quitting every week... even the new hires almost never stayed past training.

That last month was so much fun for me  :rolleyes:, because they forced me to move to a desk on another floor so I couldn't sit next to the other foreign teacher. They made me move my stuff twice because they couldn't decide where to put me. I guess they suspected that I might do the midnight run, so they didn't want me to influence the other teacher.