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Fun Drawing Activity FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers!
« on: January 13, 2020, 08:28:42 am »
Hey guys! I created a Directed Drawing fill-in-the-blanks activity on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is super ESL friendly. You can tell the kids what to draw or let them get creative themselves. It is a great little activity to check their comprehension and listening skills! I played many different versions of this with my students in the past.

I will be putting out a high quality free resource every month. Follow me on instagram @educationalandy or on TPT

Link to activity:

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Re: Fun Drawing Activity FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers!
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 08:41:17 am »
Thanks Andy, looks like a fun activity. You said you've played many different versions in the past - was wondering how else you've used it? Thanks for sharing it! :D
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