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Third time's a charm? Anyang contract review
« on: January 08, 2020, 09:52:50 pm »
Hi, me again. This is the 3rd contract I've received. This time I managed to actually talk to the current head-teacher there and they told me it's an alright place to work, definitely not one of the nightmare ones but has its good and bad points like a typical hagwon.
It's quite long so I appreciate anytime taken to read this! Thank you in advance.

About me: Unrelated BA, CELTA, 3 years at a PS, no visa.

I.   Schedule
1)   The number of regular teaching hours will be 120 hours per month. Monday through to Friday. Class preparation time is not included in the above 120 teaching hours. Class preparation will include creating teaching materials such as flashcards, crafts and other projects.
2)   Classes and teaching schedules will be organized and will be flexible in accordance with the needs and situations of the school and of the students.
3)   The Director, Vice Director, Academic Coordinator and Head Teacher will have the authority to require the Employee to teach any additional classes ( hereafter called overtime) and to perform classroom duties in excess of 120 hours per month.
4)   The Employee is required to substitute teach in the absence of another employee. This will not be classed as overtime.
5)   The Employee is expected to be at the Institute from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily, Monday to Friday and to teach for 6 hours. (The employee can be required to work for 30 minutes more depending on the teaching schedule, then the employee can leave 30 minutes  earlier the following working day in the week.)
6)   There will be intensive classes held during Winter and Summer which will be included within the 120 teaching hours. These extra classes will be allocated to the employee at the employer’s discretion and will not be classed as overtime.
7)   It is mandatory for the teachers to attend staff/instructor meeting, school events, trainings, orientations, and workshops at the employer’s discretion in which these will not be included within the 120 hours of teaching or classed as overtime.
8 )   Once a month, the employer will require the employees to attend a staff meeting that might go beyond the employee’s regular scheduled hours.
9)   Teachers must attend student counseling, open classes and parents’ meetings on weekends when scheduled. The frequency will not exceed 6 times a year, and the duration will be a half-day for each occasion. These will be included within the 120 teaching hours, and an overtime teaching rate will be applied when exceeded. (See II. Pay/Overtime, 3)

II.   Pay/ Overtime
1)   The Employer agrees to pay the Employee a basic Salary of __________ million won, per month. In addition, a housing allowance shall be paid separately at an amount of ________ million won per month. Deductions will be made for taxes, pension, and health insurance on a monthly basis.
2)   The salary will be paid to the Employee on the 10th of each proceeding month. (E.g. The month of January being paid in the month of February) In the instance that the 10th falls on a weekend, the salary will be paid at the employer’s discretion on either the Friday or the Monday.
3)   As for the overtime teaching beyond 120 teaching hours per month, the Employee will be paid twenty thousand Korean won (20,000 KWN) per hour.
4)   Payment made for assigned teaching periods is inclusive of payment for preparation and administrative duties connected with those assigned classes such as attending the staff meeting and training workshops, evaluating children levels, placement testing, proctoring examinations and other similar participation scheduled by the Employer to assist the Employee’s professional development.

III.   Weekly Working Hours
1)   The Employee is expected to teach Monday through to Friday, 30 hours a week (Preparation, Lunch excluded), and thus, the employee is subject to be scheduled anytime within these hours, and occasionally outside of these hours for special assignments. The Employee will eat lunch, provided by the school, with students in the classroom. The Institute will attempt to make classroom teaching hours consecutively, but such will depend upon customer demands and Institute’s needs.
2)   While the Institute will endeavor to set a regular schedule for the Instructor, the Institute reserves the right to change this schedule at any time without notice so as to fulfill customer needs and staffing requirements.

IV.   Housing
1)   The Employer will provide a single unit accommodation for the employee. The Employer may provide appliances and furniture.* Meals except lunch during weekday are not provided.
2)   The provided housing will be located less than 3 subway stations away from the facility.
3)   The Employee is entitled to pay for utilities including gas, internet, electricity, water, and cable per month.
4)   Any damage to the provided housing, appliances and furniture will be deducted from severance pay.
5)   The Employee is required to vacate the provided housing when the contract terminates.
6)   A housing allowance of 0.5 million won shall be paid separately each month in the event that the employer does not provide a single unit accommodation.

*"may"...should I ask for them to fix this?

V.   Insurance & Pension
1)   The Employer agrees to provide medical insurance for the Employee.* The payment of the health insurance will be borne, half by the Employer and half by the Employee. Dental Insurance is not included in the Contract.
a.   Pre-existing conditions occurring with the Employee before arrival in Korea are not valid.
b.   The Employee is fully responsible of the expenses for any secondary tests due to suspicious test results from medical checkups.
2)   The Employer shall pay remaining 50% of the monthly premiums of National Pension for Teacher.
3)   The Employer shall pay 50% of Teacher’s premiums of Teacher’s Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance.

*It doesn't say whether it's with the NHI or administered through the school, do I need it in writing or should I just assume it'll be the NHI?

VI.   Teaching Materials
1)   The Employee will be given materials to teach to the class. The employee is responsible for the materials which are given to him/her. The Employee will prepare their teaching materials if necessary, unless provided. The Employee may be expected to work alone without Korean English teacher’s assistance in the classroom.
2)   If the Employee wishes to add or remove class materials, such changes must be notified to and confirmed by the Director or the Vice Director before implemented.

VII.   Holidays/ Lateness/ Absence/ Sick Days
1)   Holidays will include all Korean National Holidays (when fallen on weekdays), and the Institutes Scheduled Vacation. The Employee will have 2 weeks of vacation. 1week of the vacation period shall be scheduled during Summer and 1 week of the vacation period shall be scheduled during Winter at the employer’s discretion.
2)   Days in which the ‘employee’ does not regularly work (Saturday and Sunday) is not to be considered as part of the vacation period.
3)   Lateness: If the Employee is more than 10 minutes late to the Institute, without notification, an hour rate of payment may be deducted. If one hour is missed, one day of pay may be deducted.
4)   Absence: If the Employee is absent to the Institute, without notification, 7 days of payment may be deducted. Any “non-approved” absence will be a cause for early termination from the institute.
a.   If there is a sudden accident or illness, you will need a doctor’s note or proof of the accident.
5)   Sick Days: Absences (due to illness or accidents) with pay are limited to 3 days for the full contract period after completing at least three months of continuous employment. Any absences during the first 3 months will not be paid.
6)   The Employee must provide proof from a doctor in order to be paid for any sick days. Absences due to illnesses or accident, in excess of three days per year, will result in a deduction from the Instructor’s salary.
7)   The deduction will be at the rate of the monthly pay scale, per day that they have missed, as will any other absences which include those requested by the Instructor and approved by the Employer.
8 )   The Employer is under no obligation to make any cash settlement for unused sick days. 

VIII.   The Emplyee’s Obligation
1)   The Employee shall observe the Employer’s work system and regulations concerning administration of Foreign Teachers and Shall accept the Employer’s arrangement, direction, supervision and evaluation in regard to his/her work.
2)   Without the Employer’s consent, the Employee shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently and post unrelated to the work agreed upon with the Employer.
3)   The employee shall complete the tasks agreed upon and guarantee the quality of work.
4)   Professional dress and grooming in the workplace are essential to maintain the desired reputation of the school or Institute. The Employer shall establish general guidelines for this.
5)   The Employee shall be expected to prepare daily topics for the class beforehand. In addition, he/she shall make lesson plans(weekly/ monthly) before the start of the classes every month.
6)   The Employee must always behave in a professional manner during class or when socializing with students after class.
7)   The Employee can be required to interview new students and evaluate their placement level.
8 )   The Employee must not be absent without the Employer’s permission of 2 days advance notice.
9)   The Employee shall show respect of the Korean Cultural Standards and Customs.
10)   The Employee shall not sexually harass students under his/her charge.
11)   Any form of physical punishment from the Employee will not be tolerated.
12)   Shouting or yelling at students will not be tolerated by the Employee.
13)   The Employee is required to set questions for examinations when scheduled.
14)   It is the Employee’s responsibility to adhere to weekly & monthly lesson plans.
15)   Any changes with the lesson plan, class or homework assignments shall be notified and directly confirmed with the Director, or Vice Director beforehand such as extra homework assignments and joint classes.
16)   The Employee is required to regularly check homework assignments with instructor comments or corrections.
17)   The Employee shall complete report cards for each student in teaching and homeroom class, focused on academic progress. Each comment must exceed 6 lines under font size 11, Arial. ‘Copy and Paste’ is not tolerated.
18)   The Employee must confirm with the Director or the Vice Director in order to have any documentations or books that belong to the INSTITUTION out of the facility.
19)   The usage of Cell Phone/Mobile in the classroom is prohibited during class.
20)   The Employee shall be punctual and flexible.
21)   The Employee is responsible for the performance of his/her own class.
22)   Smoking is banned in public areas and in front of students.
23)   Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden in the facility. If employee breaks this rule, a week pay will be deducted from employee’s salary.
24)   Earring is acceptable but piercing is banned in front of students.
25)   Employee can be photographed at any time during and activities for sharing the updates with parents.
26)   Illegal drug usage will terminate this contract instantly when found.
27)   At all times during the terms of this agreement, the Employee will directly adhere to and obey all the rules and regulations that have been or may hereafter be established, by the Employer for the contract of the Employee or generally for the conduct of instructors at the place of employment.
28)   At all times during the terms of this agreement, the Employee will directly adhere to and obey all the rules and regulations that have been or may hereafter be established, by the Employer for the contract of the Employee or generally for the conduct of instructors at the place of employment.

IX.   Taxes
1)   Taxes and deductions in compliance with the Korean Laws shall be withheld automatically from the Employee’s monthly salary.

X.   Relocation and Orientation Time
1)   The Employee will be allowed some time from the date of arrival in Korea, for adjustment and school orientation, before regular teaching duties. Computation of initial pay period of the Employee will commence from the first teaching day. Days spent in the school for training upon arrival, will be paid at half rate. The orientation days will be spent in the institute preparing for classes and learning the instructional system.

XI.   Renewal of Agreement
1)   Upon completion of the one year teaching period, both parties can renew the agreement under mutual consent. The Employee agrees to give written notification of 30 days in advance of intention of renewing the contract.
2)   If either of the parties chooses not to renew the contract, the Employee cannot possess any electronic or tangible resources that belong to the Institute such as textbooks, documentations, class materials, and etc. after the end of contract.

XII.   Severance Pay
1)   Contingent upon the successful of all contractual obligations and responsibilities under this contract for 1 full year, Employee will be qualified for severance pay.
2)   More than two weeks of leave or absence during the year, however, will disqualified Teacher’s severance pay. However, Employee may recommend an instructor who can substitute for his/her absences to be qualified for severance pay. This must be discussed and agreed with Employer.
3)   The amount of severance pay will be calculated by Korean Law and will be paid to Employee within 14 days after termination of this Contract. The severance payment shall be the amount of monthly salary minus severance income tax and corresponding inhabitant tax.
4)   If the contract is renewed, the Employee will receive his/her severance pay within 14 days after termination of the renewed contract with the accumulated amount.

Re: Third time's a charm? Anyang contract review
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2020, 08:35:11 am »
I read through most of it and I got a bad vibe.  A lot of things really stuck out at me within The Employee's Obligation section. They put things in there such as " don't sexually harass students " and " don't use drugs " . The whole thing just comes off as xenophobic and borderline racist. They also have things in there such as " yelling or shouting at students will not be tolerated. " I get the vibe that the director will almost always side with the $tudents no matter what. I mean of course, it's not good practice to yell at students in most cases but in the case of a student being in physical danger by another student etc. Things sometimes happen in the classroom and just as a grown man I don't like contracts that seem like every little thing I do is being micromanaged like that. I wouldn't want to put up such a laundry list of rules for 30 grand a year.

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Re: Third time's a charm? Anyang contract review
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2020, 08:44:56 am »
The lateness and absence policy also seems very extreme. Are they even allowed to deduct that much pay just for being late 10 minutes without letting them know? Is that normal in a hagwon contract (asking mostly so I know when I start looking too)?