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Drafty window
« on: December 30, 2019, 08:30:58 pm »
I just moved into an officetel that is fairly new and yet I discovered a draft coming in from one of the windows. I can also hear the wind whistling which is very distracting on nights like this one. Though I'm not sure it's because of a leak in my window or because I live in a high-rise. Is my best option weather stripping and a plastic sheet that covers the entire window? This wouldn't resolve the noise issue however. Or can I hire someone to apply the necessary sealants for a sure-fire approach (but this is a 월세 officetel)?

Also, is this something I can complain to the owner or building management about?
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Re: Drafty window
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I’d go with the plastic sheet. Get the shrinking one that you heat with a hair drier to make sure it doesn’t flap itself off.

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Re: Drafty window
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I like ventilation.

I'd just curtain it to prevent a draft.