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    • March 09, 2011, 01:14:34 pm
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Has anyone signed that document....know what it's for?

I work at a middle school and one of my teachers asked me to sign it today for my pension. But it relates to my personal bank account and the document is entirely in Korean.

I couldn't find much information on it online, but translating it with google, It looks like it would give information about my pension, but also  would give my employer the ability to monitor my deposits and withdrawals as well as international transactions that I make. I can see no reason why I would possibly want to give my employer that information. 

It was very loosely explained to me that the Gangnam-gu cheon was giving up paying into my pension to let my school pay my pension. But I don't see why they would need my personal bank account information to pay into the national pension.

Anybody else have experiance with this document? I'll ask some Korean friends to take a look at it this weekend.

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Re: Mandatory personal credit information collection and use agreement
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Are you American? There is FACTA which requires reporting of US citizens assests. I wouldn't be too concerned about signing it.