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Moved from Canada to Korea - HELP re:F4 or F6 visa
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Hey guys,

If anyone can help me with regards to some visa information or directions, please do so!

My parents are Korean (now Canadian citizens) and I was born in Canada. I got married years ago (wedding in Korea) and my wife (Korean citizen) and I had lived in Canada for over 5 years after I had sponsored her. Long story short she and I decided to move back to Korea. I spoke with the Korean consulate back in Canada and they advised me that I can apply for the F6 marriage visa in Korea. So off to Korea I went.

Arrived 2 months ago and during that time I've been running around trying to get this visa issue all sorted. However, the visa office I went to in Seoul advised me that for the F6 visa I would have to apply that from Canada. She said I could alternatively try applying via F4 "Gyopo" visa as a 2nd generation Korean. So I tried to go via that route however that turned up to be a huge mess as I wouldn't be able to provide all the documentation/information that they needed from my parents. First being, my parents when they first moved and got married in Canada, they didn't report the marriage or my birth back to the South Korean gov't as they received their Canadian citizenship. Secondly, although a whole separate issue, recently I found out that my "mom" wasn't my biological mother and that caused an issue as I need both of my parents old Korean ID # and previous information. None of this is making any sense to me though. There has to be many other cases where an individual does not have contact with both parents for whatever reasons. Anyways, this visa process is so much more painful because my Korean is only about 60% fluent and my wife is basically translating everything the best she can for me (Her English is worse then my Korean, we communicate in Korean mostly cause she understands my Grade 5 level Korean). Furthermore, we've gone to multiple places inquiring about this and keep getting different answers which is really annoying me.

Does anyone have any experience with dealing with either F4 or F6 visas. I don't know if I need to go back to Canada to obtain documentation for the F6 visa or if I can do it somewhere closer like Japan. I'm assuming its for the RCMP criminal background check and/or bank/personal income tax statements not sure what else. Can I not just apply from Korea and they mail it to me here?

Anyways I plan on teaching also after a year.

Thanks in advance!
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