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Re: Time off without pay
« Reply #160 on: October 11, 2019, 05:17:59 pm »
Sure, they said everyone has to be at school.

But there is no way in heaven or hell (bar cyber surveillance) that they can make sure everyone actually is at school for the entirety of deskwarming season.

They are very aware of that...hence the scare tactics they employ.

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Re: Time off without pay
« Reply #161 on: October 11, 2019, 09:33:09 pm »
yeah i didn't. pretty sure nobody cared at my school. and if they did? someone gonna come monitor me for 8 hours a day?

"i was walking around" was always my excuse (not that i had to ever use it)

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Re: Time off without pay
« Reply #162 on: October 12, 2019, 01:17:56 pm »
so instead of saying, "fine, everyone can stay home when they have nothing to do", they took the other route of, "fine. everyone has to come to school and sit at their desks. for some reason"

Yeah, that would put everyone on an equal playing field of contentment...but now, everyone is on an equal playing field of contempt. 

I guess I was lucky with my last public school.  During the winter summer breaks, I only had to be there from 9-12:30 for the camp classes.  I inquired about making that schedule happen and as I was the only teacher at the school, nobody had an issue with it. 

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Re: Time off without pay
« Reply #163 on: October 17, 2019, 01:46:03 pm »
Without a NET, the school loses the accompanying funding from the POE/MOE, which mean no more skimming funds from their apartment stipend for monthly soju fests!  :sad:

I don't think they're able to do that anymore. Because the federal government doesn't want their money wasted, the recipients have to account for the spending of allocated funds.

If the NET is in crappy housing it's because the education office didn't bother looking for nice housing and is only funded for the amount being spent on it I'm guessing. (Meaning the federal government saves the unspent money.)
      Well, I guess that's good to hear!
      Less opportunities for graft means less NETs that get taken advantage of in the future!

Since NETs are somewhere near the education office’s list of priorities...why would they then go on to waste precious resources to ensure NETs are deskwarming during vacation?

From what I hear in the coordinator briefings, one of the reasons why the MOE is cracking down on AWOL NETs is that otherwise the MOE gets inundated with letters, emails and calls from angry NETs.
  Basically, they get a lot of "Why does Anne teacher get to stay home during deskwarming periods while my school makes me stay? That's not fair!!!!1!! Can you please make my school let me stay home for those days too?"

     Eventually the MOE said "Screw it. Everybody has to be at school all the time, everyday, always and forever."

Haha, that sounds funny!

But I want to clarify something I think a lot of people are forgetting.  I'm not asking to stay home and get paid for it.
So I'm not trying to compare with other teachers in other schools that get to stay home.  I'm saying, I don't want to get paid.  I just want to take time off.

I don't think a lot of teachers  are complaining they don't get unpaid time off. They are complaining that they can't stay home and still get paid instead of being at school deskwarming.    That's not what my original complaint was, so I think there is a big difference what I'm talking about and what the majority of NETs are complaining about (having to deskwarm instead of being able to stay at home and still get paid).