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Two Native English Teacher Positions Available
« on: October 09, 2019, 10:56:06 am »
Where: Kyeonggido, Gunpo - closest to Dangjeong Station (line #1) but accessible by bus or taxi from Surisan & Sanbon Stations (line #4)

Start date: January 2, 2020

Hours: 1:50pm-8:40pm MWF // 1:50pm-9:20pm TTh

Payment: 2.5m + 500,000krw housing allowance = 3.0m

Who We're Looking For: Two native English teachers who are F or E2 Visa holders (please note - especially for those who are E2, we do not provide housing) from countries Korea says we are legally allowed to hire from.

Tasks: Be a teacher. Be personable. Enjoy working with children. Be a team player. Be willing to offer ideas and accept ideas of others. Be able to teach phonics (to 1st and 2nd grade beginners), and reading, and writing to children from grades 3 elementary to grades 2 middle school.

Vacation: Of course, it's against the law not to give it.

Who We Are: We are an English Hagwon run by a Korean / foreigner team that started as Hagwon status in 2014. We care deeply about our students, we listen to our teachers, we are rooted in the area.

What We Need From You: If you are interested in working with us, please respond to this message with a short introduction of yourself and the appropriate documents to You will be writing directly to me; my name is Dan.

My apologies in advance, but I can only conduct in-person interviews on Saturdays at this juncture. I know this is less than ideal for some, but that is the only time I have for now.