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    • September 05, 2019, 11:55:33 am
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Changing to F3 from E7 While in korea
« on: September 05, 2019, 12:06:49 pm »

I am new to waygook . I need help in understanding if I am able to change visa from E7 to F3 while I am in korea. I have been living in Korea for more than 5 years and My wife just came to teach here on E2.
I spoke to 1345 lady, she said F3 is for people who are not in korea and my wife can invite me while i am not in korea.

I told her that I am in Korea on E7 and she asked me if I have completed my Contract Period with the company and which I did not but I will get a NOC from the company as the company is going to close soon.

Please share your experience. It is urgent.

thank you