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Re: 2019 Grade 6 Cheonjae 2 - 7: How Often Do You Eat Breakfast?
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Here is a quiz I made for the students to do at the end of this unit - it's a listening based exercise.
Instructions for students are provided in Korean for part 1 and part 2 on the PPT.

In part 1 the students watch a video clip (please show this 2 or 3 times). They are then provided with three Korean sentences and have to choose which they think is a translation of the video based on what they heard. The answer will highlight when you click, and English translations will be provided thereafter.

In part 2 the students watch 3 different clips (please show multiple times as necessary) and write the phrase they think is the same between all of the clips. The students should write their answer down, and then the answer will be shown when the teacher clicks the answer button. The answers are on the PPT as white text and change in colour to become visible when you click the button, so you dont need to worry about students seeing the answers prematurely.
(answers are a mix of frequencies i.e. once a week, three times a day, and habits like 'brush your teeth' and 'work out')

Ridiculously good.

I don't even know how you found all these to make this but this is awesome. It must have taken ages. Well done.

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Re: 2019 Grade 6 Cheonjae 2 - 7: How Often Do You Eat Breakfast?
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This is a Pokémon speaking game, similar to the popular pirates of the classroom game. Thank you to the template maker~