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Long story short, I was on an E2 Visa working for a public school but unfortunately, some family emergencies and unforeseeable circumstances made me have to go home a little over half way in to my contract. The school was very kind and understanding and I waited until they found a replacement for me. ARC handed in at the airport and a big "USED" on my visa in my passport.
This was about 5 months ago and I am already missing Korea (mostly the money I was making haha).  I interviewed with a school (hagwon) and they are happy to take me in a few months but I am confused about the visa situation. Since I will be going to the same city, can I transfer my documents (notarized university degree, university transcripts, etc) to the new school- I mean-will my documents still be stored in immigration? Or would I have to completely start from absolute scratch with all of these documents for a new E2 Visa?

If immigration does have these documents, would I be able to come to Korea as a tourist and collect the documents, then just go to Japan and apply for the E2 Visa?

Any other advice is welcomed....

if you've been home for 5 months, you are going to need to get a new cbc with apostille.  your visa was cancelled (should've been cancelled) so you are going to need to redo your documents.