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42 year old Australian teacher looking for work
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:12:02 pm »
I'm an Australian male who's previously taught English in South Korea, China and Australia. I have around 8 years of experience (mostly in ESL, I had a brief experience teaching K-6 in primary schools in my home state of New South Wales in Australia). I have a Bachelors degree (Arts), a Graduate TESOL Teaching Certificate and a Masters degree in Primary Teaching.

I'm looking to start an ESL job at the start of November (I'm going for a holiday to Japan from mid-to-late October to watch the Rugby World Cup with a few friends). I have previously worked in a hagwon (YBM ECC, 2013, 1 year) and a public school (Hwasun Elementary School, 2011-2012, 1 year) in South Korea. In China, I have taught at a high school (Meilin Middle School, Shenzhen, one semester, 2014) and a college (IELTS teaching, Guangdong Technical College of Water Resources, Guangzhou, 1 year, 2014-2015). More recently, I have taught ELICOS/ESL to adult students (4 years) in Australia along with a bit of primary school. I like teaching in Australia but the work comes in waves; either you get too much to handle or not enough to live off. I also miss living in Korea and would love to come back (travelling there wasn't the same).

As a teacher, I'm flexible, resourceful, patient, friendly and caring. I'm' hoping to possibly work in South Korea again however I'm considering work in other countries as well (I'm posting on waygook to possibly get interest from Korean recruiters). I'm happy to teach either children or adults however I'd prefer to teach children from at least elementary school age and older (I don't want to teach very young children). My Skype ID is david.claxton34 and my e-mail is I look forward to maybe hearing about a position starting soon. Thank you. Kind regards,