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Pension and Health Insurance issues
« on: July 30, 2019, 09:47:40 pm »
I confirmed with the agencies that my school hasn't registered me for pension or health insurance. I don't receive pay stubs, but my pay is about 200,000 won less than my contracted salary so they're obviously taking money out for something. When I asked about it, they said they had signed me up, but  that's a lie (unless there really was a mix-up..but what are the chances). I've been working almost 4 months and received my ARC in May. I found out I had no insurance when I went to a doctor and they told me so. If I report the school to the health/pension offices, what exactly will happen? Will they tell my school that I reported them? I'm not sure if I should just give notice and leave in like 2 months or if I should report them and just see what happens. I planned on leaving Korea at the end of my contract next year anyway. Or I was thinking of letting it go until the end of this year and then reporting them and quitting. There are other issues with the job, not anything illegal though, and now I don't trust them so I'm not sure if I should really continue working here.

Re: Pension and Health Insurance issues
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Before reporting them Id ask your boss politely to do the right thing. If they continue to procrastinate I would report them.


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Re: Pension and Health Insurance issues
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