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D10 Visa
« on: July 25, 2019, 07:12:46 pm »
Hello guys,

I have some questions to ask!

I just arrived in Korea 2 weeks ago.
I'm planning to get a D10 visa at the moment and it seems like there's a point system and other forms to complete. (I have 65 points)

Currently, I'm filling out the 'Plan for seeking employment' form. My long term plan is to get an E7 visa after a year of an internship with D10 visa. In the section number 2, I have to fill out the Occupational Category, Name of the Company and a Salary. I will be doing an internship as a product designer.Can I right Product design on the Occupational Category section? And also, do I have to take the internship contract when applying? (My expected salary is 28,000,000KRW is it okay to write on the salary section?)

Secondly, on the section 3, it seems like I have to write some plans for employment seeking activities (6months). My plan is to start my internship as soon as I get my D10 visa. Is it okay to write 'internship activity'on all 6 months list?

I don't have an ARC at the moment. Is it okay to apply for an ARC with D10 visa application?

What (how much) did you guys write for the 4th section 'financing plan for living cost'?
Is this monthly or annual?

Any crucial documents I have to take when applying?

I'm currently in Busan. Is it compulsory to make a reservation through HiKorea for applying for D10 visa?

Thanks for reading and it would be lovely if you could answer the qustions by
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Thank you!! :)