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Exploding Kittens Card Game
« on: July 04, 2019, 02:49:35 pm »
I made some cards for the card game Exploding Kittens. I liked the idea of the original game, but didn't want to even try getting 6 sets of cards for class. I also modified it to make it kid friendly :) It's basically played the exact same way as the original game. Here's a link to the instructions of the original game:

-Cat Bomb: Draw this card and you're automatically out of the game.
- Taco Shield: Protects you from a cat bomb. Play this card to stop the cat bomb and put it back anywhere into the deck. It is fair game to count cards so that you know exactly where it is.
- See the Future: Peek at the top 3 cards of the deck.
- Shuffle: Shuffle all the cards in the deck (you can't look at the cards though).
- Potato Pass: Skip your own turn so that you don't have to draw from the pile.
- No Card: Can stop any card (See the Future, Shuffle, Potato Pass, and other No cards), EXCEPT CAT BOMBS and TACO SHIELDS.
- Other Cards (blue ones): make pairs with these to turn them into a special card. Collect two of any kind, steal any 1 card from any player. If you want to practice some Key Expressions, these are the cards you can add them too :) Check the blank template link.

How to Play:

1). The object of the game is to avoid the cat bombs. If you draw a cat bomb you're out.
2). Separate the cat bomb cards and taco shield cards from the rest of the deck. Give 1 taco shield to each player. Every player gets an additional 5 cards from the deck.
3). Count the number of players and subtract 1. This will give you the number of cat bomb cards you need to shuffle back into the deck.
4). RPS for playing order.
5). Every player can choose to either play as many special cards as they want or to end their turn by drawing 1 card. NOTE THAT YOU MUST DRAW 1 CARD EVERY TIME REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU PLAY ANY SPECIAL CARDS OR NOT. The only way to avoid drawing is by using a Potato Pass card.
6). Keep playing until there is only 1 player remaining.

The template is 1 set of cards (1 set should be for 1 group of 4 students). 1 set makes 75 cards. I plan on using these with an after school class of 6 students and so I added more blue cards for the extra two students. Usually I would only make around 50 card sets for my card games, so feel free to adjust the number of blue cards as needed.

Instructions PPT

Blank Template

Random Cat themed Cards (You can feel free to make your own. They're suppose to be silly/weird so easily adaptable to your students level/humor.

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