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Re: Bad job offers? How to fight it as expats.
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THE RECRUITERS SAID THERE WERE SHORTAGES.  I already said this.  It is not my opinion.  The hakwons are trying to keep the wage down by lowballing.  Collusion that is illegal in the west is legal here.  They get together in a cartel and try to collude rather than compete. 
I may be going out on a limb here, but at least when it comes to the smaller hagwons, the level of this collusion is probably nowhere near as extensive as you imagine it being. I'd imagine the big ones probably are much more active and in lock-step when it comes to wages and rates.

As far as wage collusion, there's as much evidence for that as there is that McDonald's, KFC, Arby's, and Wendy's are all colluding by offering minimum wage and slightly above to their employees. It's really hard to differentiate between collusion and the market. From the company's perspective the benefits gained by paying 1 million more won a month probably don't cover the costs relative to paying someone 1.8 million. Where you see collusion and whatever, others might see them finally wising up to inflated salaries.

This isn't apologizing, it's simply stating what the real world is- A bitter cruel place where everyone acts out of their own interests and no one owes you anything and choices have consequences.

That all being said, I do think that if someone were to attempt to organize some sort of collective bargaining organization, they might be more successful this time around given changes in standards regarding international law. However, any attempt to strike or organize for higher wages would be deeply unpopular with much of the local populace who has every interest in lower costs for themselves.

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Re: Bad job offers? How to fight it as expats.
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Do you think the owners are that organized that they are acting in league, on a national level?

That is what they call the Hagwon exists.

You do realize it's not the English Hagwon Association.  The hagwon association is for all hagwons and I've been to the meetings.  They've only once mentioned how much to pay teachers.  It's about ways to keep students and flourish as a business owner.  In fact, one time they did mention to try to find reputable Western teachers and pay them a little bit more.....the few times they've spoken directly about English hagwons.