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Editable Marvel Guess Who Game (Past or Future Tense)
« on: June 18, 2019, 08:59:02 am »
I turned guess who into a "war" game.
The goal is to catch  everyone on the other person's team.
Each student must choose one character for each day of the week. 5 in total. (Write down on scoreboard/ Top boxes)

To keep it from finishing too quickly, I added a dice element but you don't have to do it.
S1 can only ask about the day that he/she rolled. S2 has to answer in the correct tense using the words given
So if S1 rolls a one:

S1" what did you do last monday?". S2" I read books".

For each day there will be multiple people doing the same activity so S1 must guess who the the right person is. If it's a good guess, they cross out that day ( scoreboard lower boxes).
They repeat this until all of the opponent's chosen characters are found. If they roll the dice and it lands on a day they already found, nothing happens and the next student takes his/her turn.

I added a separate slide with the names for when they are choosing characters in case they don't remember. Later on when the students start playing, they can just point to the picture and ask "is it him/her?" if they don't want to keep looking back at the slide.

It can be played 1v1. team vs team, or even every man for themselves (the scoreboard will have to be changed for the different versions though). Feel free to change or improve anything

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Re: Editable Marvel Guess Who Game (Past or Future Tense)
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Thanks for uploading this ^^