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Longest Word Game, minimal tech required
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:29:04 pm »
Not sure if this game already exists somewhere on Waygook, but figured I would share.
Could be used as warm-up, filler, half or whole class activity. Minimal tech (just ppt, or you could even think of the words yourself).

How to play:
Students should have small whiteboards/sheets of paper to write on. Ideally in teams or partners, could work individually.
Students write the projected word vertically - they're basically making an acrostic.
They should write the longest word they can think of for each letter.
PPT goes from making them use their brains only to using textbooks/school material to using dictionaries.
Previously when I played the game the kids jumped on dictionaries right away and it didn't seem fair for those trying to generate them organically.

My 2nd grade very rowdy all-boys classes LOVED this game. It was meant to be a 5-min warm-up and literally took the entire 45 minutes for every single class.
Monitoring is necessary so they don't pretend several words in a phrase is one word and then get a giant 30-letter word
Double check spelling, I didn't allow proper nouns, etc.
Keep track of points on the board - at least my students went insane trying to one-up each other once they saw a team had done better than them (counting all the words in the acrostic total)
I would think of words as well and they'd see if they could beat Teacher's letter count.
I did allow them to erase words and try again if they wanted to beat another team. This is what dragged the activity on forever. They didn't want to move to the next word because they wanted to get more points than another team.
Words can be changed to fit the theme of a lesson (currently summer-themed words).
I physically demonstrated on my own whiteboard how they should set up their board, so there is no slide for that.

Recapped instructions in the notes of the PPT.

Re: Longest Word Game, minimal tech required
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2019, 08:41:11 am »
This is awesome!! I can't wait to use this for my classes once we finish the textbook and they finish finals :D Thanks so much for sharing