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    • April 29, 2019, 10:04:43 am
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I'd like to hire English practice partners.
This is not tutoring jobs. You don't have to teach grammar or answer student's tough questions. Even if you are native speakers with no English teaching certificates, it's ok to apply this.
If you're not native English speakers, you can also still apply this task if your English pronunciation is good enough.

My students are in Korea (UTC 9) and most of them want to practice between 6PM ~ 10PM.
I have an app named DalVoca and there are workbooks to practice with students.
Main task is reading the sentences with your normal speed(not slow speed) and have the students repeating you and fix their pronunciation or proficiency and record the sentence with your voice in the DalVoca app.

Each session is 30 minutes and we use Kakao voice chat to practice English.

If you have valid working visa in Korea, I'll make a contract with you send money to your Korea bank account on 5th of every month. (It cost 12,000won/hour)
If you live in abroad the cost is $10 per hour and I'll transfer the payment on every $100 via Paypal after we make a contract.

Please send me your available time with UTC time and you voice note about yourself (where you were born and raised and which school you went in which area and so on)

You don't have to prepare the study session(Except recording your voice) and there is no after work after study session.
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