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    • May 14, 2019, 05:13:17 pm
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ILS Hanam Campus
« on: May 14, 2019, 05:22:21 pm »
Do not under ANY circumstance sign with ILS in Hanam city.

I arrived in Korea a year ago, and I have never had an work experience like this before. First of all:

The boss does not speak English, odd for a language school. The only way to communicate with the boss is through her assistant, who is the ONLY Korean staff member who can speak English(mind you, there are only 5 employees total) and has the social skills of a rock. He quite possibly has the most unlikable personality ive ever came across in my life.

The contract states there is health insurance however they won't register you and they tax you 3.3%. They are running an independent contractor scam. You should legally be registered as employee and have health insurance and pension as a foreign worker in Korea, you will NOT receive that at ILS and you will NOT be informed until after you start working. I submitted multiple petitions to epeople Korea however they continued to skirt around the law and avoid punishment.

As for the work environment, it is completely abusive. during my stay there:

The boss attempted to fire someone 11 months into their contract (classic)

Fired someone after they learned they submitted a petition about them.

Held someone hostage for their Letter Of Release and continued to change the employee's end date, causing them to lose multiple job opportunities.

Forced multiple coworkers to sign "promises" on pieces of scrap paper as an attempt to keep them from, going to the proper authorities for help (ridiculous)

Kicked people out of their apartments on less than a day's notice.

Used FAKE pictures of the apartments in job listings.

Threaten to fire all of us in each staff meeting.

Actively keep foreign teachers from speaking to one another.

And the best: Gathered all the employees in the office so the boss could fire a foreign teacher in front of the entire staff.

Oh and the assistant will give you a speech everyday about how the boss is the best boss there is and that she's so generous.

Working there has been hell on earth and I am so incredibly relived to never have to step foot in that building again. PLEASE, do not let them swindle you into working for them. This post leaves out a lot of the shouting and arguments and other bullshit that happened during my stay there and I simply want to help you all by having you stay as far away as humanly possible. This fuckin' place gave me heart palpitations from the stress of working there.

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Re: ILS Hanam Campus
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 08:40:00 am »
I know someone who just luckily, dodged a bullet by not agreeing to work there.!