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Worst manager you ever had?
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:34:16 pm »
Just interested to hear your story.

Whats the worst school manager you ever had in Korea?

Mine was a short little man with a grudge. The owner was retired, lazy, and couldn't be bothered to take an interest in the running of the hogwon, so she hired a manager- basically a confidence man. She fell for his egotistical patter. He was of the Park Chung Hee generation and had no love for foreigners.

He tore into the place like a whirlwind. His genius idea (which he thought was completely original), was to replace dark haired people with blondes, and men with females if possible. Within a few months he had fired 2/3rds of the staff. Experienced and qualified teachers with esl qualifications were replaced with 20 yr old grads - or even people who had not yet graduated but had blue eyes. Anyone who did not put up with his bullying was given a warning for trumped up reasons. He was unapproachable: one was made to look stupid for asking genuine questions. This saved him having to do any work or revealing that he didn't actually know the answers. He put out flyers with pictures of Scandinavian teachers and students downloaded from the internet. He made the most inept teacher into the supervisor because she was a sycophant who kowtowed. Upon assuming this heady responsibility, she transformed into a yelling dictator overnight.

He re-organized the classrooms unnecessarily. Tore down all the pictures, repainted everything, giving the illusion of improvement. He banned teachers from doing anything that worked, including playing games or activities. He also banned teachers from disciplining students in any way. Even raising your voice to a student became a no-no. He was also ageist and replaced anyone over 35 with fresh young bunnies, never mind that he was an ajosshi of 50 years of age himself, had already been shelved from his govt school job, and lived in fear of retrenchment. 

After about 8 months however the owner suddenly fell out with him and let him go with a few days notice. I later heard that she'd sold the school at a loss.
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Re: Worst manager you ever had?
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2019, 10:17:50 am »
last year

wouldn't provide me with basics, such as my own textbook. i couldn't plan anything as i had no idea what we were doing before class, so had to check the students' books during class, and make up the class on the spot.

wasn't provided with board markers or paper, either. then he complained it was my fault for not "teaching properly"

also refused to pay my wages on time, so i had to file complaints with the MOEL a few times

i refused to quit, but basically gave up, and was actually waiting for be fired. i just let the students have "free time" for the last 4-5 months (let them do whatever, as long as it wasn't dangerous), and spent my time on the computer, planning classes for my other jobs. lots of students dropped out. i hope the business lost lots of money.

Re: Worst manager you ever had?
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2019, 06:56:29 am »
  Oh Oglop,
                        Were you the one at fault?  :evil: Seriously, though, I thought that that kind of totally unprofessional hagwon was being phased out!
 My first ever job in Korea was at Mickey Mouse American English! They  :cry: didn't actually have a programme for the foreign teacher. It was just the bare textbook, and you couldn't usually count on it, even to inspire games. I was expected to provide a lot of core materials, not just supplementary stuff. He had a detailed grammar course in Korean, but that was all. I was just decoration.
 In fact, I'd have to provide LOTS of my own material, and I couldn't use the computer at school to find stuff online, because the boss was always on it. I was new and got no support.

 The boss was really nice outside of school. he invited me to his sister's wedding, brought me kimchi from his wife, and introduced me to the foreign community.
But on day one, he told me all the previous foreign teachers at his school "had broken their contracts." He had had to take back their flight money etc. and it was on them. He treated me the same way.

I can't say he's the very worst-I had a worse summer camp boss once-but it is pretty crappy to be expected to teach 30 teaching hours with almost no material or resources,