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Re: Sensitive Topic: Pedophiles
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I think everyone agrees pedophiles are destroyers of souls, ruiners of lives, worthy of the most vicious and inhumane methods of torture available.

But...what about the people who protect pedophiles. Those people who know, for a fact, that a person is molesting children and do nothing?

What about them?


OP, to actually answer the question you've brought up, I do personally believe that people who knowingly protect a person who is guilty of a sex crime against a child should also face prosecution, but I don't believe that we should throw the book at them in every case.

I believe that the severity of their punishment depends on the variables present in each case and on what roles the protectors played in them. Who was the offender? What is the relationship between the offender and the protector? How severe was the abuse? How many victims were there? Did the protector actually witness the crime(s), or did they see the signs or were told, and failed to do anything about it? Did they interact with the victim(s) and do anything to hush them (through persuasion, coercion, bribery, etc.)? Are they adults? Are they also victims of the abuser? Do they help provide the victims? Does the offender have a history of abusive behavior that is known to the protector? And the list goes on. 

It's difficult for people to not protect others that they care about, especially when the offender is a minor as well... it's a knee-jerk reaction to shield family, and to justify this behavior by convincing themselves that they can deal with the issue without the law getting involved. They also often tend to be in denial about the entire situation, often refusing to believe the victims (even if they saw all the signs), and that can severely cripple their judgments, too. Many protectors are also co-dependent victims who need counseling themselves.

So, yes, they should face prosecution. For some, it's so that they can be forced into the system to get the counseling and therapy that they need, and to possibly prevent them from becoming sex offenders themselves. For others, they definitely need to face prison time, depending on how heavily involved and complicit they were.
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