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Part Time Job at a Wonderful school :)
« on: April 13, 2019, 09:44:36 am »
compensation: 1.5 per month
employment type: part-time
location: Balsan Station, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
Start date: ASAP

Job Details
Mtwth 9:40 finish 1:30
F 9:40 to 11:50
Working two Saturdays a year (very short hours):
Twice a year open class in June and Nov (these are just days we spend with parents and students doing fun activities and can be negotiable)
Teaching English, science, and gym
One day off a month! When students go on field trip you don't have to work :) We go on field trip once a month usually!
Children at the English academy are korean ages 5-7
Gym class is teaching from age 3 to 7 once per week

Team minded person!!
At least 2 years experience teaching English to young students. (Absolute must!!)
Cannot sponsor E visa :(
So must have valid visa
Therefore must be currently living in Korea
Must be available for in person interview (I can work around your schedule^^)

Salary: 1,500,000
Pension, severance, and health care
No housing :( but it is part time so you are free to find another part time job or get private lessons! We dont mind :)
Located at Balsan Station 발산역 on line 5

I am one of two foreign teachers currently working at this school--it is very small, but so amazing! Our current part-time teacher has to go back to his home country to take care of his parents :( We want to find a replacement~! We need creative teachers with lots of experience who don't mind making a curriculum. We are NOT preparing students to take hard tests or exams-- we are creating an environment that is fun full of games, stories, hands on activities that will help them learn English naturally! I like working here because I have the freedom to do whatever I want in class with my students and everyday they have so much fun! It is such a nice comparison from my last school working for a big hagwon company--multiple textbooks, high expectations for each student, exams twice a year, open classes with difficult scripts. (Our open classes here consist of doing art projects or a cooking class in English with parents, students, and teachers together--it's so much fun) It is very low-key with only the expectation that you try your best and the kids have fun while learning English!
If you love teaching kids but want to break free from ridiculous hagwons that just make you feel sorry for the kids being overworked this is the place for you!!
Email your resume to me and I will get back to you! (message me first and I will give you my email privately^^)