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Infinity Stone Coin Flick
« on: April 11, 2019, 08:01:18 am »
I have classes this year that are very low level so my co-teacher asked me to quickly go through a short ppt and the textbook and spend the rest of the class doing anything.

So you can't use this for a class but maybe if you need an extra activity for camp, after school, end of the year etc....

The game is the coin flick where you flick a coin (or tiny balled up paper) and try to land in a box. Once you land in the box, you sign your name and claim it. The object of this game is to basically collect all the infinity stones.  The gauntlets are each players "start box". So flick away and the first one to collect all six stones win. I also numbered the stones if you can't use color ink.

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Re: Infinity Stone Coin Flick
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I think teachers could use this in class to practice numbers and the alphabet.