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Schools with no online presence
« on: March 27, 2019, 03:09:09 pm »
As I'm currently looking for a job, obviously the first thing I do when a recruiter sends me a job description is ask for the name of the school so I can look it up online (and pray I don't see the words 'black list' in the search results). However, I'm finding with so many schools that they have 0 or very very little online presence. It's almost impossible, when you're doing a google search, to find anything about the schools apart from some reviews from english teachers about different schools with similar sounding names  :laugh: even when I try use naver its hard to find any useful information.

Is this something other people have noticed or is it just the jobs I'm looking at? I suppose its better to find nothing than find bad reviews, as I'm under the impression that people taking the time to write good reviews is way less common.
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Re: Schools with no online presence
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2019, 03:26:47 pm »
usually, the chances of finding reviews of good/bad schools are slim.  if you think about the turnover of teachers here, plus the ones who renew again and again, I think the chances of being bothered to write reviews for certain schools will make searching online difficult.  you have the chain schools, but they can vary wildly from school to school due to owners/students etc.

if you've been stung badly then maybe you just want to forget the whole episode and get out of Korea and never think about it again.  you also have the liable laws in Korea, especially for teachers who move out of bad jobs and remain in Korea.  you have to be careful what to say about previous employers.

the best things you can do are, interview with the school and ask a lot of questions (students number/enrollment/class sizes etc), post the contract up for review for the good and bad bits, talk to previous/current teachers (you'll still need your wits about you here) and if the school won't let you do this, then that is already a worry. 

when i was looking years ago, I found very little about the schools, it is good first stop, but it isn't anything to worry about if you find nothing.